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Tips for lobster fishing

Has it crossed your mind to fish for lobster in the waters of Southern California but you have only heard stories of the catches of your friends? There is a way in which you can enjoy the glory of bringing home these delicious crustaceans and eating like royalty without paying the high prices of the supermarket.

Things you will need to fish for lobster:

  • Fishing license from the State of California with a stamp to fish at sea (necessary for anyone over 16 who is fishing).
  • Locket for the lobster fishing of the State of California (necessary for all those who fish for lobster).
  • Red de aros (my favorites are the Ambush series by Promar).
  • Container of bait for deep waters and a contender against sea lions for bays, harbors, and docks where marine wolves abound. All Promar rim nets are equipped with a patented reinforced bag design for bait which is integrated into a central ring.
  • Sogas of different sizes for the depth in which you will fish.
  • A piece to measure Lobster / Crabs to verify that your catch is of legal size.
  • If you fish from a boat, you will need buoys, lights and reflective tape.
  • Gloves with resistance to cuts, preferably having some type of insolation.
  • Bait

More on the bait

The type of bait depends on the taste of the person. What works for the person fishing next to you may not work the same for you. Your best option is to get fresh and oily bait such as sardines, mackerel, and bonito. Some people use salmon heads. You want bait that leaves an oily feature on the bottom of the sea, so it’s always better to use fresh bait. In general, I leave soaking my nets of ring between 15 to 20 minutes at the most since the oily feature that emits your bait will have vanished in its majority by then.

Tips for fishing lobster in cold weather

Now that we are in the cold winter months you will notice that your catches will decrease near the shore. Most likely, the lobsters have migrated looking for deeper waters. As a former commercial lobster fisherman, I found that while getting good catches between 15 and 75 feet deep during the first three to four weeks of the start of the season, when the weather got colder, I needed to look for them at depths of 200 to 350 feet. This pattern makes lobster fishing for shore fishermen not so good however, there are several boats that offer constant charter trips for lobster fishing.

Other things to consider

  1. The main knot is as important as the knot you use to tie the lure you are afraid of losing so make sure it is a good knot.
  2. California law requires by 2018 that all buoys be visibly marked with your personal Go ID number found on both your fishing license and your lobster fishing chart.

I hope you have found this help information and that you apply it very soon. Always remember to protect and respect our natural resources, be cautious at sea, and of course, have fun. Stay tuned for the second part of this blog where I will talk more about how to locate and fish lobsters in Southern California. I will also share tips that have worked for me in the past.

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