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Tips for buying and cooking lobster

Lobster is one of the most exquisite seafood dishes. Its soft flesh makes it one of the favorites. That is why it is usually chosen for special meetings or elegant dinners. However, its preparation can be a bit complicated. Although it is not a job exclusively for experts, there are some tips you should follow to ensure a delicious meal.

How to choose the best lobster

The first thing you should take into account is the lobster to buy. Not all are in good condition and, therefore, not all will provide the pleasant taste on your palate. To choose a good lobster, ask the vendor to lift it up a bit out of the water. The animal should wave its tail with energy. If you do not, it is not the best option to prepare your dish.

Be guided by appearances. Specifically, by the antennae of the lobster. The short antennae are an indication that the animal has spent a lot of time in that tank and, therefore, another lobster ate part of its body. Therefore, it is not a good purchase option.

Pay attention to the weight. The classic “the bigger, the better” does not apply when it comes to choosing lobsters. The heavier ones do not usually have such a sweet flavor and their flesh is harder. The best flavor is provided by smaller animals.

In the kitchen: how to cook lobster

A good method to prepare the marine dish is to place bay leaves, garlic, half an onion, salt and pepper in a pot with water and let it boil. Introduce the lobster and let it cook for six to eight minutes. You will know when to withdraw from the heat because the red of the shell acquires a more intense tone, the water becomes foamy and the cook is impregnated with the smell of the sea.

After cooking the lobster, you must proceed to detach the meat from its shell. This step is not as simple as it might seem, but it is achieved by carefully following certain steps. First, you must place one hand on the body of the animal and another on the tail. Proceed to make a turn to separate them.

To remove the meat from the tail, make a cut in the most central fin of the tip of the tail. Place your finger in the hole formed and insert it so that the meat comes out the other side. Remove the dark spots that appear on the meat after removing it from the shell.

It is important not to forget the claws. You must open them little by little with a scissor that allows cracking the shell. You must perform the procedure by segments. Even the knuckles must be opened with care and detached from the other parts of the body. Then proceed to remove the meat that is inside them.

To take advantage of all the lobster meat, cut the shell with a scissors for the kitchen; then, carefully separate the large red shell from the flesh inside. You may get small red bags inside. It’s about eggs. They can be stored in the freezer and then used to prepare soups.

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