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Bambara Restaurant – Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Lobster Sliders at Bambara Restaurant Cambridge, Massachusetts

Bambara Restaurant is at Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge.  This chic, pet friendly hotel is our favorite place to stay in the Boston area.  Not pet-tollerant, mind you, but really pet friendly, they are even allowed at happy hour and can hang out at the front desk when you got to dinner.  I don’t actually count lobster roll sliders at a restaurant part of the official “lobster roll trail”, but these were so good, they were definitely worth mentioning.  Ken actually thought they were the best of Boston.  I still go with Alive and Kicking and don’t consider these “real” lobster rolls, but they were fantastic.  We were feeling too lazy to find an outside restaurant, so we ended up here.  These lobster roll sliders were and appetizer and had three hot little nuggets of buttery goodness sliders.  I would say that you should order more.  They are fresh brioche rolls with chopped up lobster meat, soaked in butter and some herbs or something.  They aren’t over soaked so as to make the bread soggy and they meat isn’t overcooked, which often happens with the “butter poached” approach.  Just loved them, in fact, I’m craving them right now, even six months later.

Visited November 2011

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