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Seven Seas Restaurant – Milford, Connecticut

Lobster Roll at Seven Seas Restaurant Milford, Connecticut

Saw the picture of this onl‏ine and was dying to try it.  I don’t know what they took a picture of, but it wasn’t what I got.  I usually don’t factor service issues into my reviews because I feel that I’m just there to check out the roll, I really don’t care if service is bad, but this place is worth mentioning.  We walked into this very crowded clearly popular bar and decided takeout from the bar would be a better idea for one sandwich.  Placed the order and was told it might take a little longer than usual, he said probably 15 minutes.  Walked around town for 10 min, came back, ordered a drink, ordered another drink, 40 minutes later, we got the mediocre roll.  At 30 minutes I asked and explained that 30 min for one roll was getting pretty ridiculous, he said everyone was complaining.  I worked in restaurants, they get very busy when understaffed, but even by those standards this was insane.  The hot roll was unimpressive.  Overcooked, claws stuck together and curled, like the had been sitting in the fridge too long.  Whole claws, some chunks, no tail that I could see, lots of giant spongy pieces, very buttery roll, soggy and almost overpowering.  I never complain about too much butter, didn’t think it was even possible, but this was pushing it.  Fine, not bad, but disappointing.

Visited August 2010

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