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Phil and Mike’s (formerly Phil the Baker) – Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Phil and Mike's Lobster Roll

A little building on the side of the road connecting Rt 1 and Boothbay beckons with a sign for $8 lobster rolls, 3 for $22.  Ah, why not, Ken was still hungry from a non hearty breakfast.  You walk in and the sign says “order at kitchen counter”.  Sure enough, the room is pretty much like walking in to someone’s kitchen.  I placed my order with the elderly gentleman at the counter.  I assume this was Phil since he asked Mike, the younger man to run my credit card.  I have to respect that a man of Phil’s age is still running the show and cranking out the lobster rolls.  The pre-made lobster roll gets pulled from the fridge and placed in the sandwich maker grill for a warm up.  Interesting technique for pre-made, really takes the overly cold edge off of a refrigerated roll and adds a nice buttery crisp to the whole thing.  This lobster roll is definitely not a looker.  It looks like shredded mayoed salad in a regular hot dog bun, not top split.  Like the way egg salad looks in a hot dog bun.  Honestly, it really wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked.  It really did have a nice fresh lobstery flavor and the sandwich maker grilling was a nice twist.  Hey, it was 8 bucks and despite its looks, it was not bad.

Weighed in at 3.9 oz. 

Visited August 2012

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