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Stewman’s Lobster Pound – Bar Harbor, Maine

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Lobster Roll at Stewman's Lobster Pound Bar Harbor, Maine

Maybe one of the best views of maybe the prettiest spot on the east coast, in my opinion.  The Bar Harbor location of Stewmans overlooks Frenchman’s Bay, the only other view that rivals it is at Galyn’s.  One is indoor and the other outdoor, so I guess it depends on the weather.  The lobster roll here is an adequate roll.  It is all claw meat with a nice amount of mayo on a nicely grilled standard white hot dog roll.  I actually found it surprising that it was all claw since that seems not to be the standard in this slice of the world.  But, this spot seems really to be more of a tourist joint geared toward the mobs of cruise ship passengers.  Luckily, there was no ship in town the day we tried it out.  I wouldn’t come back here for the food, but the view is amazing and they have a rather extensive menu and serve booze.  Perfect spot to have a glass of wine while taking in maybe the best view in Maine.

Visited September 2011

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The Beach Plum – North Hampton, New Hampshire

Lobster Roll at The Beach Plum North Hampton, New Hampshire

That’s right‏, New Hampshire.  This place wasn’t on any of my lists, mostly because I usually search in Maine.  But, on the way to Maine, we passed a billnoard that said this place was recently voted best lobster roll in the northeast.  So, we had to try it.  HOLY MONSTER LOBSTER ROLL!!!  I have tried many a lobster roll and this was easily three times as much meat as the largest I have ever see.  And yes, I do include Red’s Eats in that statement.  This place makes Reds look skimpy.  To call it a lobster roll doesn’t even seem right.  It’s more like a lobster roll with enough leftovers on top for three more rolls.  There’s a reason they serve it with a fork.  This was, I’m betting, a full pound of meat or close to it.  I’ve seen people complain on food boards that a roll claimed to have a pound of meat on it, but totally had about 3-4oz.  These people are morons because I have been to many of these places and what they say is “the meat from a one pound lobster”.  If you have ever ordered a one pound lobster in the shell, you know the amount of meat is no where close to one pound.  However, I kid you not when I say a pound of meat.  On top of that, I ordered the small one.  They also had a lobster sub ($19) which the lady at the counter said was a bit more meat, which who knows what that means by this place’s standards.  I overheard a girl in line talking about how huge it was she went home and made 3 sandwiches out of the extra meat, she ordered the lobster roll to eat there.  They also had a foot long lobster roll ($28), I guess for if you’re planning a party.  Ok, enough about the hugeness, BTW I didn’t make it through the roll.  The flavor was pretty good, but not particularly flavorful.  The roll itself was a regular roll, nicely butter grilled.  Meat was cold with mayo, but I wouldn’t say too much.  There was also not a spongy piece in sight (a good thing), but also no tail (a bad thing in my book).  Overall delish and by far the best deal I have ever gotten.  I could have made about 15 regular size rolls with this roll (maybe a slight exadgeration, but not much).  The place was also very cute, right across from the beach, lots of flowers and picnic tables.  And if all that wasn’t enough, they have a huge homeade ice cream selection and my absolute favorite pumpkin was in season.  Mmm lobster roll and pumpkin ice cream butterscotch sundae by the beach on the last gorgeous Saturday in September.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

P.S – In the photos, there is a photo of the two lobster rolls we ordered and then there is another photo with my one lobster roll after I moved enough meat to the side to be able to even try to pick it up.  Insane amount of lobster.  According to their website, they now have a year round location in Portsmouth!!

One Lobster roll with meat moved off so it could be picked up.
Two Lobster Rolls

Visited September 2010