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Maine Fish Market – East Windsor, Connecticut

Lobster Roll at Maine Fish Market East Windsor, Connecticut

First lobster roll of the 2012 Lobster Trail!!  Needed a fix of trying an exciting new lobster roll in the off season.  So, we headed to the highly reccommended Mane Fish Market in East Windsor.  There were several reasons besides the recs that I thought this place was going to be great.  First, it says it’s a market, when I got there I saw very little evidence of a market except a board with prices, guess they keep the stuff in the back.  Second, according to their website, lobster seems to be a bit of a specialty and they pride themselves on getting it from Maine.  Last, the lobster roll says that it uses fresh lobster, always a good indicator that it will be what Lobster Gal always looks for.  Basically, it means I think they cook and pick the meat in-house and therefore it must involve tail meat.  So, on to the experience.  This place is obviously quite popular, it is a fairly large restaurant, they said a half hour wait, but we were seated in 15 min, yay.  Waited in the bar, the vibe there can best be described as 70’s gambling establishment, not because there is gambling, just has that lounge lizard feel.  We were seated and served fresh baked bread by our very friendly waiter.  At this point, my hopes were pretty high, always a recipe for a letdown.  I don’t normally ask, but I’ve resolved to get more back story on the lobster rolls I’m eating, so I ask fresh or frozen and cooked in-house or shipped in.  Our waiter was way more informed than average.  He told me that the lobster roll had all claw meat that was shipped in pre cooked, but fresh from their supplier.  So, I mean I guess “technically” the menu is accurate, but still, a letdown.  Ordered it anyway, since this by no means indicates a bad roll.  There were lots of options available when ordering the roll, hot or cold, mayo or butter or both, toasted or not, what kind of starch side and even veggies.  So, the lobster roll arrives, warm, naked, butter side, toasted, looks good.  I will say that the bread itself is really quite large, but the meat to bread ratio is bad.  You don’t see it at first look, but the meat is on a bed of shredded lettuce, making it look like more meat than it is.  Started picking through the meat, as I always do to get rid of the spongies, there were kind of a ton in this one and the chunks of claw meat were really not very substantial either, kind of seemed like B level meat.  The bread was good, kind of a baguette but I think it was actually too substantial, kind of overpowering.  Best part of this lobster roll was easily the melted butter, salty delishiousness, just right temp.  It was also actually melted butter as opposed to drawn butter.  In case you don’t know the distinction, drawn butter is where they remove the white milk solids from the melted butter, leaving clear butter, better for cooking or something.  I’m a big fan of the milk solids, wish I could get my melted butter with more added.  This was perfectly cloudy.  The lobster favor was fine.  It was overall an ok lobster roll.  I respect that it went for the unique bread move, even if it didn’t work, gave lots of “customizations”, and they served draft Stella.

Visited January 2012

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