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Max Oyster Bar – West Hartford, Connecticut

Lobster Roll at Max Oyster Bar West Hartford, Connecticut

You can’t do‏ a lobster trail if you’re not going to try out the locals.  I generally love this restaurant, so high hopes.  The service is consistently good.  Lucy and I got the hot, butter lobster roll.  Not bad, a little too finely chopped for me, some tail, not as flavorful as I might have liked. The meat amount was a little skimpy, but the bread was a fresh baked type roll, so that’s good.   But the kicker was the dagger af a claw inside shell that I got in the roof of my mouth (photo below, it was worth sharing).  Ouch, no harm done, but I expected better from Max’s.  The guy we were eating with brought it to the waiter’s attention, since we’re too chicken, showed him the weapon, and we got free dessert.  Well, one dessert for three people.  It was good, truffle beignets.  I will say that he ordered the lobster cobb salad and it looked like a much better choice.  Definitely getting that next time.

The offending shard

Visited September 2010

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