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H.B. Provisions – Kennebunk, Maine

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provisions lobster rollThis place is a real lifesaver if you ever find yourself staying the night in Kennebunkport and needing something besides restaurant food or nautical interior design accessories.  It is a little market with just the right amount of stuff and a full aisle of wine.  It wasn’t until recently when I liked them on Facebook that I discovered that they also do lots of food, home baked goods, full breakfast, sandwiches, etc.  I guess the fact that it is essentially across the street from Clam Shack has resulted in me never actually going in there hungry.  So, I found out that they do a lobster roll, which they serve until 9pm and you can eat it at the cozy seating area they have and watch the old men do jigsaw puzzles.  It’s like a shop out of a bygone era, you might expect the horse drawn ice truck to go by, I love it.

I confirmed that the lobster meat is fresh picked and local, no specific names were given there.  The lobster roll is served on a round bun, which is not a grocery store style, more of a bakery fresh roll, very tasty.  Maybe a kaiser, potatoish combo flavor.  They grill the inside to a perfect buttery crunch.  The meat is all claw meat, no tail, a bit of a skimpy amount in my opinion, but very tasty meat.  The problem is that they spread a ton of mayo on both sides of the bun, but I’m guessing that could be remedied by asking for mayo on the side.  The mayo actually does taste like it may be a homemade type, not sure, but it tasted very creamy and not jelloey like most jarred mayo is.  So, it was good mayo, if you’re into that sort of thing.  They also involve lettuce and a tomato slice in the sandwich, a mistake which I quickly remedied by removing.  Overall, this was a very good lobster roll that could use less mayo and more meat.  No, it doesn’t compare to Clam Shack across the street, but few places do.  It’s unfortunate proximity to the greatest lobster roll on earth shouldn’t be held against it.  I am still craving that buttery crunchy bun, maybe I can request double meat next time.

Weighed in at 6.3 oz. after lettuce and tomato removed.

Visited May 2013

The Clam Shack – Kennebunk, Maine

The Clam Shack’s lobster roll is in my book, Lobster Rolls of New England!!

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The Landing Store – Kennebunk, Maine

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Lobster Roll The Landing Store Kennebunk, Maine

This one kind of snuck up on me.  It was on my list, but I was looking for it in the town of Kennebunk.  Turns out, Kennebunk extends up to the bridge in Kennebunkport.  I guess that means Clam Shack is actually in Kennebunk, no matter.  This little general store is on the road into Kennebunkport, just a little red house that you can miss if you’re not looking.  When you go in, it is a store, so I thought I had been wrong about them having lobster rolls, not so.  The super friendly gentleman behind the counter walked me through the ordering.  They gave me my small lobster roll, grilled and hot (the bread, not the meat) wrapped in plastic wrap, yuck.  Why would you wrap anything you want to eat in plastic wrap, it leaves that weird taste covering everything, not to mention, when something inside is hot, totally the wrong answer.  Got the sandwich outside and out of the plastic in time.  I thought this was quite a delishious lobster roll.  There was lots of large chunks of claw, minimal mayo, tasted very fresh, tender and sweet.  A few spongies, but not bad.  The standard white roll was buttery grilled.  I really liked this one, didn’t even share much with Ken and I was about to go eat my very favorite, the Clam Shack,for the first time that season in just a few minutes, so that’s saying something.  It must be said that this was my first lobster roll of the official lobster roll season in Maine, so Ken thinks I was giving it too much credit because of it’s status as the first after a long winter.  I should try it again just to be sure, but I don’t think so.

Visited July 2011