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Deepwater Lobster – Avon, Connecticut

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Lobster Roll Deepwater Lobster Avon, Connecticut

How I have gone for 7 years working 2 minuted from this place and had never tried their lobster roll is beyond me.  I’ve even gotten takeout fish dinners from here lots of times, but never thought about the lobster roll, weird.  Anyway, last week at work, I was really feeling the need for a lobster roll lunch and decided that was the day to try out.  Boy, am I glad I did.  I had previously thought that Carmen Anthony’s in Avon was my favorite really close by lobster roll fix, but I may have to do a side by side to really decide.  Deepwater Lobster is a little fish shop in a strip mall on Rt 44, not high on ambiance, but great for fresh fish.  I called to place my order and asked my question about whether they cook the lobster in house for the lobster roll, and I think I actually offended the guy on the phone.  He explained that everything they serve is fresh and cooked in house, they even chop their own clams for soup.  Sorry, just checking, and yes, I’ll take one, thank you.  Choice of hot or cold, so, of course, I went with hot.  The most exciting feature of this lobster roll is their inovation in bread use.  They actually managed to use fresh bakery loaf bread, but cut and stuff it in a way that it acts like a split top bun, so it can be grilled on the sides.  Best of all, this solves the usual issue of bakery fresh split top buns, which are usually too much bread on the bread:meat ratio.  This is truly a brilliant lobster roll inovation, one I’ve never seen anything like before and seems to be a perfect solution to the bakery roll that can still be grilled on the sides and have a perfect bread:meat ratio.  Who knew such inovation existed right down the street all along?  The bread was a french loaf type bread, maybe a bit sourdoughy, not sure.  It was grill marks dry grilled, I think using butter, could really take it to the next level.  The meat was fresh, tasty, confirmed tail, claw and knuckle.  I will say that it was a bit too chopped up for me, I prefer larger chunks.  It had the perfect amount of butter, didn’t sog up the bread, and the meat was perfectly cooked, despite being heated up.  This lobster roll is well worth trying, even if you don’t work down the street.  But, I think I may have found a new workday lunch, vending machine lunch is dead to me!

Visited June 2012

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Belle Isle Seafood – East Boston, Massachusetts

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Lobster Roll at Belle Isle Seafood East Boston, Massachusetts

When I say this place had no view or character, I mean that it was a real dump.  If jail could be a description of a lobster roll place, that would be close.  Near the airport with planes flying overhead, you enter from the back, driving through a huge dust pit that you later park in.  Keep your windows shut so as not to spoil your dining experience, which almost happened to me.  Now, I’m not put off by dumps in the lobster roll trail, but this place had a more urban sketchy look.  Undeterred by the exterior, I went in and ordered.  The inside looks like any other fish market, nothing like the exterior, in a good way.  Very crowded place and after fighting off some guy trying to claim my order, I headed out to try it.  Some lobster rolls can manage to be surprising because they miss all my usual checklist, but somehow manage to by very delish.  This one was the opposite phenomenon.  It looked great, huge roll, giant chunks of tail and claw and no spongies, minimal mayo.  But, it still managed to be completely tasteless.  Just really nothing…and the meat was kind of tough.  Roll bread was the usual and could have been a bit more grilled and they should skip the lettuce shreds.  I really wanted to like this one, but I just didn’t.  Oh well, worth a try.

Visited November 2011

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James Hook Lobster – Boston, Massachusetts

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James Hook’s lobster roll is in my book, Lobster Rolls of New England!!

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