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Tracey’s Seafood – Sullivan, Maine

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Tracey’s lobster roll is in my book, Lobster Rolls of New England!!

lobster coveredited

Beal’s Lobster Pier – Southwest Harbor, Maine

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Lobster Roll Beal's Lobster Pier Southwest Harbor, Maine

Lots of people seem to love this spot, even call it best of Acadia.  I just can’t add myself to that list.  Mayo is the main thing I remember from the lobster roll.  It wasn’t just that it had too much, which it did, but somehow, the mayo flavor was just the only thing I could taste.  It had lots of elements of a good lobster roll, fresh, nicely grilled, fresh tail and claw large chunks, but it just tasted like eating mayonaisse.   Had tail and claw, but the meat was chewey.  I don’t mean chewy in the way people refer to rolls with perfectly cooked tail meat, which is naturally a bit chewy texture.  This was tough.  Decent for anywhere else, sub par for this area.  Lousy view.  But they did serve blueberry beer, so that was good.

Visited September 2011

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The Docksider – Northeast Harbor, Maine

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Lobster Roll The Docksider Northeast Harbor, Maine

If I had to choose, I may pick this one as the best of Acadia area lobster roll.  It’s a close call with Down East Lobster in Trenton.  We actually sat down in the restaurant instead of doing the takeout window on a rainy day.  So glad we did, it is a super cute little venue, kind of like a cozy, 50’s lake lodge.  All pine wood panelled, with wood booths.  They also serve beer, always a plus for me.  This lobster roll is extremely hearty, full of large chunks of tail and claw and minimal mayo on a perfectly grilled white bread hot dog roll.  The meat is tender and tasty and the staff are quite friendly.  Sadly, it is seasonal.  I was rather hoping that because it was an enclosed restaurant that it would be open when we returned in March, but no.  I can’t wait to have this lobster roll again on the next visit to Acadia.


Visited September 2011

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Thurston’s Lobster Pound – Bernard, Maine

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Lobster Roll Thurston's Lobster Pound Bernard, Maine

Cool little lobster pound hidden back off a hidden road.  This is what you picture when you go to a lobster pound in Maine.  Steam coming out of the cooking area, very authentic.  It overlooks a lovely bay, but we went on a rainy day, which lends to the Maine ambiance, but isn’t quite as pictuesque, especially when everyone is squishing in to the indoor dining area.  It seemed a bit cut throat to get a table.  Thank goodness we arrived right before the dinner rush.  Obviously very fresh meat, large chunks of cold, nicely mayoed tail and claw.  They definitely could have used more lobster meat, it was a little skimpy.  When I moved over the meat to make an ideal meat:bread ratio, bread was left over, not ideal.  I would say that the standard hot dog roll was over grilled, crisp to the point that it was scratching the roof of my mouth with each bite.  I want to go back on a nice day to sit outside and try a lobster meal, but I wouldn’t bother with the lobster roll again, nothing special.

Visited September 2011

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The Lobster Claw – Bar Harbor, Maine

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Lobster Roll at The Lobster Claw Bar Harbor, Maine

Nice little restaurant right on the main street in Bar Harbor, kind of seems like a pizza place, but it’s not.  The gal at the counter said that the crab roll was way better, in her opinion, than the lobster roll, so we got both.  They give options on the lobster roll, which I always like, naked, butter or mayo.   The butter is served on the side, nice so you can regulate how much goes on and not sog up the bread.  It was not a bad lobster roll, anywhere else it might be good, but it was easily one of my least favorite lobster rolls in the area.  Lots of spongies, all claw, not much flavor and very small pieces of lobster.  The bread was nicely grilled and the meat seemed fresh, it just wasn’t doing it for me.  On the other hand, the crab roll was indeed amazing.  I’ve had a few crab rolls and they have been growing on me.  I grew up in Delaware, so I try not to generally order crab related items outside of the greater Maryland area.  I only recently discovered that what they use in Maine is actually Maine crab and quite different than Maryland, more sweet, shredded, quite good.  So, I’ve been ordering the crab roll more since I found out it is indeed local.  This one is worth going back for.  Follow the employee’s advice and head straight for the crab roll.

Visited September 2011