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  1. On the Big Island of Hawaii there is the largest Maine Lobster Pound West of the East Coast located at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaiian Authority. Lobsters are flown in daily and rest at the “Lobster Hotel” before going off to market or restaurant. They are even studying how to grow lobsters from eggs (7 yrs. equal 1 lb. growth in natural environment). We also have cooked flash frozen hard shell Nova Scotia lobster claws and knuckles flown in daily. Hawaii has its own lobster but it is a close cousin to the Caribbean lobster with no claws. You have easy access to Maine lobster living in Hawaii. For New England top split hot dog roll we have King’s Bakery that makes them with Portuguese sweet bread dough. You can also find King’s all across the mainland. If you wish to bake your own top split hot dog rolls then purchase the special New England baking pan from King Arthur Flour in NH.

    Best thing about Hawaii is best weather on the planet median 78 F degrees 365 days a year but we can still snow ski on mountain tops Nov. to Mar. every year.

  2. There are two food trucks in California and one restaurant (that’s part of one of the trucks) that serve lobster rolls. One is called Cousins Maine Lobster and the other is called simply The Lobster Truck. If you’re ever out this way, you should definitely add them to your list of places (or in this case, trucks) to visit. Disneyland is also now serving a “version” of a lobster roll, but I haven’t had it yet since it has onions (which I hate) and other fillers in the mixture and very little lobster.

  3. I believe I will just follow you around and eat what you eat! I bow down before the Mistress…!

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