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Me with two of my favorite things, lobster and cranberry glass

It’s hard to say when my wild obsession with eating every lobster roll in New England began.  I do know that about two years ago, I realized that I needed to start taking pics of every roll to document the experience, so I guess that ‘s when the “official” Lobster Trail began.  But, I’ve been forcing my fellow travellers to stop every time I see a place that looks like it has possibilities for quite some time.  Heck, maybe it’s just in my blood, I do remember my grandmother, an 11th generation New Englander herself introducing me to the lobster experience.  Like any true Yankee, she ate the whole thing, I mean the whole thing, the tomalley, the roe, the little legs, even knows how to track down some body meat.  She wasn’t on board with the Lobster roll trail, as she said, “Why ruin lobster by putting it on bread?”.  I can’t say she doesn’t have a point, but some of us are lazy and impatient.

Ken enjoying Chauncey Creek, one of his faves.

I love lobster, I love butter and when combined with the right bread, I think the lobster roll may be the perfect food.  If I had a last meal, this would be it, ideally finished with a fresh lemon meringue pie.  I’m no writer, I won’t even tell you the irony of what I do for a day job.  I’m just a gal that loves to plan trips around eating my face off with as much lobster as I can get my hands on.

Ginger reviewing the lobster roll at Kelly’s Roast Beef

The lobster trail is best not done alone.  I mean, I do on occasion, but half the fun is going to fun places to spend the day and driving someone crazy by forcing them to eat more lobster than they thought humanly possible.  Ken, my husband is my primary partner on the trail.  I don’t think he even likes lobster, but he has been quite a sport and I think he’s even developed his own criteria for judging.  Ginger, my dog assistant and spongies expert, travels the trail and we know every dog friendly hotel on the eastern seaboard.  I feel safe in saying that she has eaten more lobster  than most dogs except maybe the ones that work on the lobster boats/docks, but maybe she’s had more.  She may have opinions on lobster quality, but she hasn’t shared them with me.  I just know she’s a fan.  My brother John, and

At Marinners Grille in Camden, Maine, John and Great Aunt Gladys

sister Mary occasionally head out on the trail and are conniseurs, but living in Delaware, makes it more challenging.  Lucy is the only friend that enthusiastically joins me on the lobster trail, I’m pretty sure that the others who have spent a weekend in Maine with me think I’m insane.  Every year the trail holds promise for lots more team members.  Better to involve more enthusiasm and not drive Ken too nuts!

-Sally Lerman

Lobster Gal

Hartford, Connecticut

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  1. Just read the review of the book in the Globe today, book will be on order by the end of the day. What I have not seen anywhere is one of my favorites and I recommend it to anyone heading to Newport RI, the Brick Alley Pub. It is my standard by which all others are judged. Can’t wait to get my book

  2. So I’ve been having a great time devouring all these posts here on a winter’s day (when it’s hardest to get a roll). I might suggest to you a trip across the border: If you ever get near Calais in Maine, cross to St. Stevens then head east on 1 about a half hour. At exit 45 you’ll come across Ossie’s Lunch. We love this place and stop every time we come home from our summer gig in New Brunswick. The food, the pines, the picnic tables all make this a terrific shack. You might even visit St Andrews, which has some amazing seafood too.

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  4. I’ve been to many of your locations on regular yearly trips from Windsor Ct., to Bar Harbor,and “Always” stop @ Young’s Lobsta Pound for our 4 lb Hardshell and
    a lb of steama’s each on our way through.
    I’m hosting a Winter Solace @ Ford’s in Mystic for (22) 2/16/13

  5. Happy to report that I’m heading to Ford’s tonight, I didn’t even have it on my list so thank you for that! I have had Abbots and Captain Scott’s, but it was before I took photos of lobster rolls. So, I’m going to try to hit those again.

  6. I am not a lobster or shellfish fan in general, but I do like white fish. That said, my brother used to work for a lobsterman years ago and I could have had a lot but no… As someone who lives in Southeastern Connecticut, I was surprised to see that there was no comment about Abbott’s (where tourists go) or Ford’s Lobster, where locals go, both in Noank. Then there’s Captain Scott’s in New London. I hear people talking about these 3 places all of the time.

  7. You need to go to Johnny Ads in Old Saybrook, CT….one of the best hot lobster rolls with tail & claw meat with just the right butter.

  8. OMG a friend just sent me this blog. How did I not find this before! I thought I was the only one who did the whole obsessive lobster thing! I however, agree with your grandmother why ruin a good lobster putting it in a roll. Well in all honesty that is not the reason I do not eat lobster rolls, the reason is they go down too fast! I have my own trail of lobster shacks that I have visited from Conn to ME! I did not get to read your list yet. Have you tried Beach Plum in Rye NH? The roll is good size but I suggest you get the extra large and if necessary split it. YOU get more and to me that is the name of the game. My Triglicerides (SP) once shot up over 400 because I was eating lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  9. Leslie, I think we did our own food trails on our travels through the greater philly area. We were always scoping out great places to get food!

  10. Lobster Gal, I have to say this is a hoot! This is Leslie, who used to work on the UFCW van with you! Love your website, gave me a great laugh like the old days when we worked together!

  11. I LOVE reading your reviews! Thanks for sharing your quest! You rock Lobster Gal!

  12. Jodie, I’ll count you in for the 2012 trail. Lucy, tried to find a photo of you with a lobster roll, but apparently, there was never you and lobster in the same shot. We’ll work harder on that this summer.

  13. As your dutiful friend and assistant (no easy task, btw) do I get a photo??? You know I am up for another Maine trip this summer. Just thinking about it….YUMMMMM! Great site, my friend! I wonder if they’ll have lobster rolls in Puerto Rico? If so, we’ll find ’em!

  14. Oops the above comment was from me….forgot to add the details! (Heck, you gotta know who I am, so I join the trail!

  15. I love Lobster Gal! And I totally want to join on the 2012 trail!

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