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Seawell Seafood – Pawcatuck, Connecticut

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Sea Well Seafood’s lobster roll is in my book Lobster Rolls of New England:


lobster coveredited


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  1. It would be great if you could turn off that automatic-slideshow feature for your photos. Because your photos are in different aspect ratios, the slideshow keeps changing the page’s position as it switches to display different photos. This makes your blog *really* difficult to read: just as I’m in the middle of a paragraph, suddenly that paragraph snaps to above or below where I’m currently scrolled, and I have to scroll up/down to find my place…until the next slide. There’s a pause button, but I don’t want to have to pause six different slideshows so I can read your front page, you know?

    Great, GREAT blog. Less great WordPress feature. Thanks.

  2. Ha! How happy am I that I mentioned going to my father-in-law’s marina in Pawcatuck next week?! (And how have I not had this lobster roll yet? Will fix that very soon!)

  3. Dear Lobster Gal, You’ve stumbled on the holy grail of lobster rolls. Please do not tell anyone about this heaven on earth as the price is currently affordable, and if you let the word out, our family’s goose, is cooked!

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