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Footbridge Lobster – Ogunquit, Maine

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Ken was pretty confused as to how a lobster roll that involves lobster served up fresh by a lobsterman on a bakery fresh bun, so far south on the Maine coast had not been eaten yet.  Frankly it baffles me too.  But no matter, I found out about it this winter, and thanks to Facebook, I found out that they would be opening on the very day we were planning to drive to Bar Harbor.  What luck!  This actually makes this very lobster roll, my first of the 2013 seasonal lobster roll establishments.

Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, which is normally insane and unapproachable in the summer months was quiet, but waking up on the Friday before Easter, opening day.  I get very excited eating a lobster roll on opening or closing day, preferably both.  Footbridge Lobster is just a cute little window for take out where I ordered a lobster roll and lobster grilled cheese from the man who, I’m not sure, but may have been a lobsterman himself.  He told me about how they had many of their own traps where they got the lobster.  I can’t remember the number, but he did.  I’m a sucker for all lobster rolls that cut out the middleman. There is really no seating at Footbridge, save two chairs by the window, so you’ll need to find your own spot to enjoy your lobster roll.  I suggest you head over to the walk around the harbor on the other end of the parking lot and snag one of the park benches overlooking the ocean.

This was a lovely lobster roll, chock full of large chunks of tail and claw with few spongies and minimal mayo.  They actually mix the lobster meat to order, so you can get it however you like, another huge plus in my book.  The bun was nicely grilled, and I believe was bakery fresh from what I could see of the bags. The meat flavor was good, but somehow not as flavorful as I was hoping.  The lobster grilled cheese was amazing, perfectly grilled, generous amount of lobster meat, gooey cheese mixing in with the lobster and heating the meat seemed to remedy the tail texture situation.  Footbridge serves up a very good lobster roll.  I will most certainly be back.  I feel strongly about supporting lobsterman owned lobster roll establishments, there are so few of them.  Particularly ones that use bakery fresh buns. 

Weighed in at 6.7 oz.

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Visited March 2013

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