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Eventide Oyster Co. – Portland, Maine

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I love it when two favorite things are so close to each other, so got rather excited to see that Eventide was right around the corner from my very favorite bakery where the finest whoopie pies on earth are served, Two Fat Cats.  Just to be clear, I actually think it’s their pumpkin/maple whoopie pie that is the finest on earth and it can only be had a few months of the year.  Everything else there is really good, so I always stock up.  I suppose I expected Eventide to be something different from it was, judging from its fine food pedigree, awards, etc.  I expected that I would need to budget time for a whole sit down, fancy dinner.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is actually more of a high-end, casual chic eatery/bar.  There are only a few tables, then there is a bar with lovely oysters displayed and seating along the bar and the window facing the sidewalk.  The whole young, beautiful people, in the know vibe is topped off with just the right amount of retro chic, exemplified by the gentleman behind the bar with a waxed handlebar mustache.  I’m very into this whole concept that seems designed for people who want to drink and have small plates of finely crafted food, without having to go through the whole process of a sit down, fill yourself to the brim meal.

Eventide has three options for the lobster roll, mayo, rum butter and hollandaise.  This was one of the more difficult decisions I have encountered, but after some agonizing, I went with the mayo option, but obviously need to try the other two highly innovative options soon.  My order arrived in record time and at first, I thought it looked more like a lobster slider.  I say at first because once I weighed and ate it, I found that it was actually a hearty amount of meat in a small, light bun.  The bun was more of a vehicle for the lobster instead of the usual half of the experience.  I think I get so used to seeing a decent sized bun that it can confuse you as to how much meat you are actually getting.  On first bite, I thought this lobster roll was way to creative for my taste.  It uses fresh picked and cooked in-house meat, and the meat tastes as such, full of flavor.  The meat had, what I would normally consider more mayo than I like, there was also dill, chive and chunks of sea salt mixed in.  The bun was unlike any I’ve ever had, it was a steamed, asian style bun.  It kind of annoyed me at first that it was kind of sticky.

I say all of this at first because by the time I finished this lobster roll, I had changed my mind completely from my first impression.  Sure, it wasn’t what I was expecting or used to, but I found this to be the most craveable of the six lobster rolls I ate this Easter weekend.  It was the one I kept thinking about and wishing I was eating again.  The dill, chive, mayo, salt combo just seemed to wake up the lobster and add another dimension.  The bun was the perfect size and texture to highlight the lobster while the bun just allowed the whole thing to perfectly melt in your mouth.
This lobster roll reminded me to keep an open mind about lobster rolls.  In Maine, this allowed it to stand out from the pack.  Even fresh picked, tasty lobster on a perfectly grilled grocery hot dog bun can start to seem, dare I say, ho-hum.  Creativity can go wildly wrong with lobster rolls.  I can see why the chef at Eventide is considered a culinary genius.  Don’t question brilliance, just go with it, it just might blow you away.  My only regret is that I didn’t summon up the stomach space to try the warm, rum butter option.  Mmm, can anything be wrong that involves the words “rum butter”?


Weighed in at 5.1 oz.

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Visited March 2013

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  1. Thank you for putting into words this deserved praise that I can only express with wild gesticulating of hands at my favorite restaurant ever.

  2. The third option is actually brown butter. :)