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Day’s Crabmeat and Lobster – Yarmouth, Maine

day's lobster roll

This spot has been beckoning me from I-295 for quite some time.  But, it seems that we are always driving by in the off season and they are only open May-October.  This August, we finally caught them while they were open.  It is very easy to get to off of the highway.  This spot has a lot of authenticity, particularly for a place not on the water.  They have a history that goes back to the 1920’s when they started selling lobster rolls.  They don’t claim to have invented it or anything, but I have to assume this must be one of the oldest lobster roll purveyors in the state.  Day’s is a simple white building with a fairly large lobster sorting area and a takeout window with picnic tables around and behind the building overlooking a rather lovely marsh.  It has a very peaceful vibe going on.

The lobster roll is really very good.  The lobster meat is cooked there and fresh picked and you can tell as soon as you bite into it.  The meat has that fresh taste of the sea and is cooked to a perfect tenderness.  I’m guessing they cook it in seawater, it just has that great taste.  They have huge chunks of tail, claw and knuckle lightly coated in mayo and served on a perfectly buttery grilled bun.  There is also an option on the menu to order without mayo.  There are spongies, but as is the case with expertly cooked lobster, I felt no need to pick them out.  If I had one complaint, I think it could use more lobster, it was a little light.  I actually ate it all before Ken had a chance to get a bite, too bad for him.  Don’t miss the fresh baked molasses cookies.  Overall, I highly recommend this spot, it is exactly what you look for in a fresh Maine lobster roll with the convenience of being right of the highway.  Perfect for a fix when you’re driving to or from wherever you visit.  I’d like to try the cooked lobster dinner next time, I bet it’s great.

Weighed in at 5.4 oz.

Visited August 2012

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