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The Ice House Restaurant – New Castle, New Hampshire

Ice House lobster roll

You might think that after eating five lobster rolls at the Hampton Beach Seafood fest, I wouldn’t be up for another stop, you’d be wrong.  I didn’t start this blog because I occasionally enjoy a lobster roll, I really am obsessed with and able to pack them away.  Also, by September, my last chance to try out the seasonal spots this year is slipping away.  The Ice House is in New Castle, an adorable little town just outside of Portsmouth.  This is a cute little house with a takeout window and picnic tables, but it also has a pretty, cozy dining room with waitress service.  The dining room is all knobby pine, plants, pretty decor.  I think it would be a great place to eat in the winter.  Sadly, that is not possible, they close in October.  We got take out, but want to try the dining room next time.

Not sure why I have taken to worrying when I see that a spot is more of an ice cream stand that doesn’t cook whole lobsters that it will be frozen meat, but, the last two have actually been fresh meat and I’ve had a few places recently that cook whole lobsters, but serve frozen meat on the lobster roll.  I guess the lesson is don’t judge a lobster roll by their ice cream or lobster tanks.  After trying to get my meat question answered by the gal at the window, someone behind her caught on to my question and found out for me.  I couldn’t be more thrilled with the answer.  Not only has it never been frozen, and is fresh picked, but they get it from Sanders Fish Market, my favorite lobster roll in NH!  It was tough to contain my excitement, order one and dig out the last of our cash, no cc here.

When I first got the lobster roll, I was initially worried because the lobster meat is perched on a giant bed of iceberg leaves.  But, the weight looked good and once I did away with the superfluous lettuce, this was indeed a darn good lobster roll.  Huge hunks of that tasty, tender Sanders lobster.  The lobster roll at Sanders, which is probably my favorite in New Hampshire, doesn’t use tail in their lobster roll.  After tasting this, I think they should reconsider.  I would say Ice House’s was even more tail than claw and barely cut up, really huge hunks of tail, yum city.  There was a bit more mayo than I need, but since the hunks are so huge, there really isn’t as much overall mayo as it seems.  The bun is the standard top split wondertype, but the sides seemed wider than usual and were very buttery and crisp.  I liked this one so much that I piggy pig pigged most of it down and didn’t leave Ken much.  I convinced him we needed another, so he could have more, and I piggy pigged most of that one too.  I did give him all of the fries, sharing is caring.  I guess we’ll have to go back again, but I guess not until next year.

Weighed in at 7.5 oz.

Visited September 2012

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  1. Great write-up about Ice House. We come up from Massachusetts weekly for their lobster rolls. The staff is great as well. By the way, it is not knobby pine but knotty pine boards – thus the knots in the wood. FYI