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Brown’s – Seabrook, New Hampshire

Browns lobster roll

I think I’m bringing a weird line mojo to the lines at lobster roll places lately.  The line doesn’t seem too bad, moving quickly, then it comes to a screeching halt and drags until we finally get to order and no one at all has gotten in line behind us, fun.  Got a little confused here because we were in the line that said “place fried foods order here”.  After some checking around, it seems that you do order the lobster roll in that line.  But there is also a sign saying that you can order fried foods inside at the lobster order area, I’m confused but manage to order.  She said the lobster is being fresh picked there right now, oh yeah, that’s the ticket!  They are open year round and have a pavilion style dining area overlooking a pretty marshy river area.  According to the Lobster Shack book by Mike Urban that I’ve been keeping in my car all summer, they actually pump the water from the river into their lobster tanks and cookers regularly.

When I got the lobster roll, I thought it seemed a little on the small side, but Ken reminded me that it was only $12, and when you factor in how fresh and tasty it is, it’s a very good deal.  There are hunks of tail and claw, with more mayo than I like, but the meat is really quite tasty.  The bun is very buttery and crisp and despite my initial impression that it was small, has a great bread:meat ratio.  No bites of bread with no meat.  I read one review online that didn’t care for the fact that they are byob.  I didn’t really get that at the time, but then, the guy at the next table came in with a bottle of Jack, at 2 in the afternoon, so I guess that might have something to do with it.  This is a very good lobster roll, a very good deal with a pretty view and, best of all, open year round.

Weighed in at 4.8 oz.

Visited September 2012

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