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Lobster Pool – Rockport, Massachusetts

Lobster pool lobster roll

Arrived at this ocean side spot just in time to see the last of a gorgeous sunset.  This was a lovely location at near dark, so I’m sure it’s beautiful by day.  This was their last weekend open, end of October, so it was a little cold for me to sit outside.  They had a fire pit raging with some sort of contraption that allowed little kids to roast marshmallows without getting too close to the fire.  The inside of the Lobster Pool has kind of a rustic chic, cozy vibe going with knotty pine walls, old style kettle stove for warming the place.

Friendly staff all seemed to be having a great time.  The woman taking my order said that the lobster meat is all cooked and picked in-house every morning.  She said I should indeed ask because many places don’t.  Boy, don’t I know it.  The practice of using frozen meat is far more widespread than even I suspected when I decided about a year ago to start asking instead of guessing.  She also said that each lobster roll is mixed to order, so you can get light mayo, no mayo, butter, whatever you like.  This unexpected bit of info is a happy side effect of my new practice of ordering a side of melted butter with my lobster rolls for dipping.  Some places hear that and tell me I could have it mixed with butter if I want.  No thanks, I’ve been enjoying my mayo to keep the lobster in place while I dip the whole thing in butter.  No fat intake restriction here, this is lobster rolls we’re talking about!  Besides, lobster meat is nearly fat free to begin with, so there’s that.  I think it is good info to know what places mix to order and which are mixed up long before you eat it.  Seems like a good quality indicator that maybe I should add to my already extensive ask list.  They’re going to love me.

So, the lobster roll, standard wonder-type split top bun, could be more buttery grilled.  The meat was great, large chunks of tail and claw, very tasty, minimal mayo, lettuce shreds that I would do without next time.  The weight was on the low end of average, just over 5 oz, but the bread:meat ratio still managed to be on point, so it still worked well.  I would definitely stop back for the view alone, but happily, the lobster roll is well worth the trip, may try butter version next time.

Weighed in at 5 oz.

Visited October 2012

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