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Roy Moore Lobster Co. – Rockport, Massachusetts

Roy Moore lobster roll

I don’t know why I was so surprised, maybe it’s just because I’d never heard anything about it, but Rockport is a darn cute town.  Very old time New England seaside town, with lots of adorable shops and artists galleries all centered on a point of land where you see stunning views of the great, wide ocean around every turn.  This really is one of the prettiest New England seaside towns anywhere.  Kind of reminds me of Ogunquit, ME a bit, but maybe with more colonial Massachusetes in the mix.

Anyway, Roy Moore’s is right in the thick of the walking, shopping area.  It’s a cute little clapboard cottage sandwiched in the main strip of adorable little cottages.  Look for the large lobster shaped sign, that will guide you.  It feels like you’re just walking into a large room that is mainly lobster tanks, which you are.  The main decoration looked to be an extensive collection of police badges on the wall.  But, it doesn’t need decoration, the house, lobster tanks and jolly characters running the show are decoration enough.  The lobster meat is cooked and picked fresh by them.  The lobster roll gets pulled out of the refrigerated case and handed to you.  I know that’s bound to upset some folks who insist on their roll being buttery grilled.  But, I kind of like it.  This is a no frills, no princesses type of place.  The only cooking paraphenalia is the soup warmer and a steamer for the lobsters.  This is a real deal place for real men who just want to eat great lobster, no fluff.

I did manage to snag some melted butter for dipping purposes.  I admit, I’m no fan of refrigerated bread, but this wasn’t too cold, and didn’t taste like it had been made hours ago or anything.  It was nothing a dip in warm butter couldn’t solve.  Here’s another thing that’s bound to cause outrage among the purists, yes, they use Miracle Whip.  I had heard this, but one bite confirmed the sweet yuck of Miracle Whip was present.  Here’s the thing, this lobster meat, tail, claw and knuckle, is so good, so fresh out of the sea, so torn, not chopped that I found a way to forgive the Miracle Whip too.  There was even visible lobster roe on the lobster meat, felt and tasted so authentically delish, that even Miracle Whip and untoasted bread couldn’t take it down.  The secret, of course, is their sweet, saltylishious melted butter.  Butter covers a multitude of sins and frankly, the the miniscule amount of Miracle Whip they use wasn’t much to cover.  One dip in the butter pool and you were immediately reminded how great this meat was.  I had also heard this was a small side for lobster rolls.  For me, it weighed in about average as lobster rolls go, around 6 oz, great bread:meat ratio, and a steal at only $13, about $5 less than most I find.

People-watching on the back deck was quite entertaining.  Lots of men, by themselves trying to stuff lobster in their mouth as quickly as possible, clearly escaping the lady folk while they were caught up in some gallery.  The guy at the counter laughed that this was the third one today for one guy.  Another got busted by the wife and kids.  I’m a big fan of this lobster roll and the quirky location, and of course the town.  Maybe next time I’ll ask if it’s possible to get one without the Miracle Whip, but I didn’t want to seem to princessy, maybe next year.

Weighed in at 5.9 oz.

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Visited October 2012

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