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Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock – New London, Connecticut

lobster roll captain scotts

Just when I start to think that I was wrong about my love of the hot buttered lobster roll, in comes Captain Scott’s to save the day and remind me how fantastic a hot lobster roll can be.  I feel like the last few hot rolls I’ve had have been chewy, overcooked meat on a soggy roll that somehow manage to not even taste buttery.  Captain Scott’s does it the way it should be done.  The meat is fresh picked, never been frozen, they don’t pick it themselves, but they get it fresh picked from a place nearby, according to the gal at the counter.  There is tail and claw meat, nicely cooked, tender, tasty and the butter manages to coat the meat, not be too hot and drip off onto the bread.  The bread is a standard wonder type bun, I would rather they went with a more bakery fresh one, but it is good, nicely grilled and somewhat larger than the usual bun.  The bread to meat ratio here is great, plenty of lobster meat to eat a few pieces off the top and still have enough for every bite to have the proper amount of meat and bread.  That’s the hot one, the cold is the same tasty, large chunks of tail and claw, but chilled and with minimal mayo.  I could live without the celery and lettuce, but there isn’t so much of either that you can’t easily pick it out.  I think this is an excellent spot to decide whether you like the hot or cold lobster roll better as they offer excellent specimens of both.  To be honest, I’m still not sure, I ate both and loved both.  I’ve been here many times and still can’t decide, so I just leave thoroughly stuffed.  The onion rings are also fantastic, not to be missed.  The fry balls (I think they are known as clam fritters?) are also surprisingly good.  If you still have space they also serve the fantastic Gifford’s ice cream.

This is a byob spot, with nice clean picnic tables situated on a dock.  Yes, that is Narraganset Summer Ale  with my lobster rolls, seems to be my go to drink this summer.  When you plug it into your gps, as you really need to do to find it at all, you will become very confused when it tells you to turn down what looks like a dead end alley with boarded up buildings and at the very end, it says “you have arrived”.  At the very end of the street, you actually turn left and down the drive, you find Captain Scott’s.  It’s not an oceanfront spot, but it is on a boat dock and rather pleasant view.  Be prepared to wait, I’ve never seen there not be a line, not a line due to inefficient service, it really is just popular because it really is one of the best places in Connecticut for a lobster roll and the whole seafood shack experience.  Not to be missed if you want a “Connecticut style” lobster roll in its natural habitat.

Hot weighed in at 9.4 oz.  and cold weighed in at 8.2

Visited September 2012

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