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Chatham Pier Fish Market – Chatham, Massachusetts

Chatham pier lobster roll

This spot has been on my “to try” list for some time and we finally stumbled across it on the way out to see the Chatham lighthouse.  As we got out near the lighthouse, we hit a wall of traffic in line to get out there.  Since we’re not so much into lines, we decided to u turn and head back to Chatham Pier for a lobster roll.  Glad we did, this is one of the best lobster rolls I’ve had on the Cape.  Don’t be blinded by the paprika or my non ideal photo, this is a great lobster roll.  It weighed in over 10 oz., making it in the monster category of lobster rolls.  They also fresh pick the lobster meat daily and it shows in the flavor.  Very tasty, tender, giant chunks of tail and claw coated in minimal mayo.  I could live without the paprika and lettuce leaf, but I can live with it too.  The great thing about this monster lobster roll is that it comes on a bun large enough to accommodate the ton of lobster, making it an actual monster lobster roll not a regular sized lobster roll with additional lobster meat on the side.  I feel like some monster lobster rolls are just regular sized buns and since you can’t eat lobster that’s not in the bun, it falls out and you eat it separately, which I’m not complaining about.  I’ll eat all lobster I can get, but I prefer a monster lobster roll over a regular sized lobster roll with lobster on the side.  The bun itself is large, more like sausage size, white bread and buttery grilled, more dense, holds up to the substance.

The location is pretty and on the water, but don’t expect to stay, this is strictly a takeout place with no seating, unless you want to quickly chow it down sitting on the concrete dock, like I did, before your half hour parking limit runs out and you get a ticket.  This probably goes without saying, but I recommend you go on a slower weekend than Labor Day.  That rule kind of applies everywhere, but particularly in Chatham.  It is an adorable town with lots of lovely shops and very nice, patient people working in them, including Chatham Pier Fish Market.  I thought when I first walked in that all the signs at the door listing all the rules of the area (parking, dogs) were a bit much, but after going in and interacting with the clientele, they seemed perfectly appropriate.  There was more than there should be of butting in line, bumping without “excuse me” and such.  Sadly, Chatham seems to draw some folks that hold an inflated view of their importance in society and, as such, thinks the usual rules of polite society don’t apply to them.  Not by any stretch everyone, or even necessarily a lot, but on a very crowded day the rude people stand out.

Don’t worry about any of that.  If you’re ready to hold your ground, this lobster roll is absolutely worth fighting your way through any crowd for.

Weighed in at 10.7 oz.

Visited September 2012

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  1. I like Alive and Kicking in Cambridge and James Hook in Boston. Belle Isle in East Boston is popular, not my fave, but worth trying. If you can make if up to the north shore of Mass, try Woodman’s in Essex, it’s a great one, worth the not far from Boston trip. Clam Box is also up there an popular, but has a huge line always, so I haven’t tried it yet. Ones on my list to try in Boston are Lobsta Love truck, Neptune Oyster, B&G Oyster and Island Creek Oyster Bar. Have fun and report back on what you thought!!

  2. Hi! I write for in Houston & Dallas. We are going to Boston this weekend. I’m a spaz about lobster rolls. Do you have a top ten list for Boston? We are only eating lobster rolls for 3 days. :) Thanks!