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Chatham Pier Fish Market – Chatham, Massachusetts

Chatham Pier’s Lobster Roll is in my book, Lobster Rolls of New England!!

lobster coveredited

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  1. I like Alive and Kicking in Cambridge and James Hook in Boston. Belle Isle in East Boston is popular, not my fave, but worth trying. If you can make if up to the north shore of Mass, try Woodman’s in Essex, it’s a great one, worth the not far from Boston trip. Clam Box is also up there an popular, but has a huge line always, so I haven’t tried it yet. Ones on my list to try in Boston are Lobsta Love truck, Neptune Oyster, B&G Oyster and Island Creek Oyster Bar. Have fun and report back on what you thought!!

  2. Hi! I write for in Houston & Dallas. We are going to Boston this weekend. I’m a spaz about lobster rolls. Do you have a top ten list for Boston? We are only eating lobster rolls for 3 days. 🙂 Thanks!

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