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The Seafood Shanty – Bournedale, Massachusetts

Seafood Shanty lobster roll

Went here on the photo recommendation of my friend Jodie, of “suffered from a tragic lobster roll overdose at the NYC lobster roll rumble” fame.  We were all proud to see she got back on the lobster roll horse.  This is just a little roadside stand before the Cape bridge with a great view overlooking the canal.  I was a little skeptical that a small stand that didn’t serve whole lobsters would serve a fresh meat lobster roll.  But, after being nice enough to check for me, the cashier did report that it was indeed fresh picked.  I was happy about that when I got it because this was a darn pretty lobster roll.  Nothing worse than a great looking lobster roll whose taste doesn’t live up to their looks.  Well, I guess except for one that looks and tastes bad.  This was a very good lobster roll, tasty chunks of claw and knuckle with minimal mayo.  This was also a huge lobster roll.  It weighed in close to the giant Beach Plum, not as big as the biggest standard, Boothbay Lobster Wharf.  But, this was certainly in the giant category.  The bun was standard, could have been more buttery grilled.  Overall, this was a very good, very large, fresh lobster roll, a great way to start a Cape vacay.  Seems to me that most of the best lobster rolls on the Cape aren’t “officially” on the cape, no matter!

Weighed in at 9 oz.

Visited September 2012

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