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Eastwind Lobster – Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

Lobster Roll Eastwind

Getting lost can sometimes be one of the best things for lobster roll hunting.  This spot was not on any of my lists and I had never heard of it, but passing by on our attempt to find the “other” bridge on to the cape, this place just looked so authentic and inviting, I had to stop in.  It feels good to be right about a hunch, tastes great too.  This spot is just a little shack/building by the water, a bit of an industrial water view, but I happen to think that lends to the authenticity.  This little spot has inside ordering with a few tables and there are picnic tables outside on the water with a raw bar and Jimmy Buffet tunes even.  Not sure if it is byo, didn’t see any for sale.  Kind of feels like walking into a homey kitchen.

They do indeed cook and pick the lobster meat here and it shows.  The lobster roll is huge, overflowing with fresh, giant, chunks of tail claw and knuckle.  Just one spongie on top for color.  The flavor of this meat is the one that welcomes you to the beach, fresh, tender and briny.  The bun even seemed unique.  I didn’t get a good look, but the bags of buns didn’t look commercially printed.  Always a good indicator that this isn’t a grocery store bun.  It was white and top split, but the buttery grilled sides were larger than usual and the bun had a light flavor and thicker density.  The buttery grilledness was great, just like a grilled cheese.  I was a big fan of this lobster roll.  I immediately deemed this my best of the cape lobster roll, but Ken was quick to point out that you aren’t on the cape until you cross the bridge.  Whatever, if you want the best lobster roll on the cape, get it before you officially get to the cape.

Weighed in at 7.6 oz.

Visited September 2012

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