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Jessica’s Garden – Marlborough, Connecticut

Jessica's Garden Lobster Roll

I got this tip from several readers, so thanks for that!  You might drive right by this garden center and if you stop, it’s probably for the plants and you might think that food at a garden center wouldn’t be the right answer.  You would be wrong.  Food and flowers are two of my favorite things, so to combine both in such an effective way, I was loving.  To call Jessica’s Garden a garden center isn’t really accurate, that indicates to me a kind of garden center, greenhouse type place.  This is really more of an artistic, boutique horticultural center, a destination spot.  I love a good garden center and this is a good one.  They had lots of beautiful, unique plant specimens and they also displayed their landscape skills with many planted areas throughout the garden and surrounding the lovely pond.  The pink house with murals and pretty signs is where you order the food.  First they have a ton of flavors of my favorite brand of ice cream, Gifford’s.  Made me wish I came for that, even some very creative ice cream float concoctions.  Jessica, if that’s who is in charge is clearly a very creative, artistic person.  Even the menu is full of surprising, fun tastyness.  We ordered the pumpkin soup with apples, which was just incredible.  We also got a “cucumber roll”, which is slices of cucumber with American cheese and wasabi dressing on a butter grilled hot dog bun.  Ken and I were fighting over who got to finish this one.  We ordered a hot lobster roll and it was a good one.  Chunks of claw and knuckle meat, not soggy butter, good flavor on a buttery grilled bun.  It was quite nice to enjoy such a lovely meal in such a gorgeous and unusual location.  They should empty their trash more often, it became quite a bee magnet when we were there.  While their lobster roll was good, I really think everything else on the menu was so delish and unique that I just want to go back to try all of that and maybe one of the ice cream floats next time.  Very fun spot, made me feel like a little girl in a magical, secret, fairy garden.

Weighed in at 5.5 oz.

Visited August 2012

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