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Five Islands Lobster Co. – Georgetown, Maine

Five Islands Lobster Roll

Five Islands has been at the top of my “to try” list for some time now.  The photo they posted on their facebook page of the Big Boy lobster roll was driving me crazy with lobster need.  It did not disappoint in any way, it was everything I dreamed it could be and more.  When I first arrived, the view was so beautiful that I worried the fame of this spot my be more for the location than the lobster roll.  I’ve found that popular lobster roll places that have an amazing view rarely match that with the lobster roll.  I’ll let the view speak for itself in the photos below, but suffice it to say, it was an easy place to spend the afternoon finishing the bottle of wine and watching the sailboats go by.

Taking photos of this lobster roll was killing me, I was just dying to dig in, it looked so good.  This is honestly, the very best lobster meat I have ever had the pleasure of eating.  I mean really, the best.  I asked the gal at the counter what the secret was to the delishiousness and she said, it was just that fresh, they cook it throughout the day.  She wasn’t kidding, as we sat there, we watched them pull the lobster containers right out of the water and pull them in to cook.  I’ve had very fresh lobster, I’ve had amazingly tasty lobster meat, but this topped them all.  The flavor of the sea just melting in your mouth, perfection.  If there was mayo on it, I couldn’t tell.  I ordered butter on the side for dipping and that wasn’t a mistake, as butter rarely is.  They don’t skimp with the meat on the regular sized lobster roll, plenty to more than satisfy.  But, the Big Boy is the way to go (pictured above).  If you can’t make it through, just skip the bread and eat out the sweet meat.  The bread is were they missed lobster roll perfection.  They have meat perfection nailed, but the bread is just blah.  Regular wonder type, grilled, nothing special.  Don’t waste stomach space on that and if you order a cooked lobster, which might be the way to go, order a lobster roll while you wait to hold you over during the wait.  You don’t want to waste a minute here not eating lobster.  Frankly, I don’t think I want them to add a better bread choice, I preferred to fill up on the meat.  This place even made a convert of my friend Kate, a confirmed non lobster eater.  As Lucy and I were going crazy over how good it was, she decided to try a little piece, and that got her.  She even ordered her own on our second stop of the day back here after enjoying more wine on the porch of beautiful Grey Havens Inn down the street.  I wish this place wasn’t a solid 5 hours from my house.  I dream about this lobster meat.

Regular weighed in at 5 oz.  Big Boy weighed in at 9.5 oz.

Visited August 2012

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