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Muscongus Bay Lobster Co. – Round Pond, Maine

Muscongus Bay Lobster Roll

This is a great setting, right on the bay, very pretty.  Type of place where everyone brings their own tablecloths and wine, even candles, very rustic chic. Clearly a gathering place for locals, I can see why, this place is not easy to find. You get a choice of white or wheat bread, both homemade.  So, that is a very exciting thing for me.  Paying was a little funny because you pass your credit card over the tank of 4lb lobsters.  Hope one doesn’t grab your pen.

This is how a lobster roll should be done, with all the love and care that lobster deserves. The home baked roll did not disappoint, in fact, the combo of fresh, tasty bread with fresh tasty tail and claw meat was rather transcendent. I feel that even the diehard folks who think “a lobster roll is only made with a top split white bread bun” (usually cited as JJ Neisen or Country Kitchen, both of which are mass produced and designed to sit on a grocery store shelf being non perishable for a week or two at least, just like Wonder), even they could be happy here.  This was indeed a top split hot dog bun, even the same size as the grocery type.  But, unlike those, this was a perishable bun, made only to be eaten at its peak of freshness that day, just like lobster meat.  A great lobster roll should be a combo of meat and bread that can only be enjoyed that day, in that location by the sea.  This one nailed all three, meat, bread, scenic, a major rarity in the lobster roll world, like the solar eclipse of lobster rolls, with all three aligning. If there were downsides to this lobster roll, I would say that it could use a bit more meat, and maybe a little less mayo.  However, I am growing to appreciate a bit more mayo because it keeps the meat from falling out of the bread.  I hope I’ve made it clear that this lobster roll is worth a drive from anywhere. It even inspired me to conduct an experiment I’ve been plotting for a few days. More on that later, but suffice it to say, I purchased two wheat and two white buns to go.

Weighed in at 8.2 oz.

Visited August 2012

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  1. Glad you enjoyed our lobster roll! Thank you for visiting Muscongus Bay Lobster!

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