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Kimball Farm – Jaffery, New Hampshire

Kimball Farm Lobster Roll

I really can’t figure out what this town is near.  Kimball Farm in Jaffery is a fairly large, destination type food and ice cream spot. The ambiance is kind of New England utilitarian. Wood benches, shiny, nice indoors, gift shop, not much on the walls, a rusty tractor out front as decoration. I can’t say I get that, but different tastes. Indoor and outdoor seating, we opted for in since the outdoor picnic tables were covered in ants, a picnic table hazard, I guess. We stopped here on the way to Lake Winnipesaukee, but it seems pretty remote.

A friend of a friend, who also makes it a mission to eat lots of lobster rolls, said that this spot was her gold standard to which all others are compared. So, high hopes, which were immediately dashed. I asked if the lobster meat is fresh picked, nope, frozen… No self respecting lobster roll connoisseur should ever consider frozen meat a gold standard, or even great. I’m not saying frozen meat lobster rolls can’t be good, I’ve had quite a few tasty ones. But, I find that frozen meat varies widely, but even the best frozen is never as good as the worst fresh (barring spoilage, of course, but then that wouldn’t be fresh).  Frozen meat just, for me, immediately goes in to the second tier of comparison for lobster rolls. When I say frozen was good, I still mean good for frozen. And, when I’m somewhat dissapointed by a fresh roll, it’s still better than all but the best frozen, totally different ranking bracket, not comparing the same thing. For the authenticity and effort alone, let alone the taste difference. I have no beef with places using frozen, but in New England, I kind of feel like they should have a disclaimer or something since so many people swear they’re getting fresh, and they’re not. That was quite a rant, I just get so disappointed getting frozen lobster meat in New England, in the summer. Like getting orange juice concentrate in Florida in the winter.

Kimball Farms really doesn’t deserve this rant and it’s certainly not directed specifically at them. They actually had quite a good frozen meat lobster roll and very generous. It had decent sized chunks and shreds mixed with mayo on a buttery grilled wonder-type bun. It was quite adequate, but nothing to go out of your way for. Their onion rings were fresh, hand breaded and decent, huge portion. The watermelon wedge was a nice touch.  But, the real winner here is the ice cream that they make themselves. Very fresh, creamy, fluffy, all good things to say about the ice cream. The hot fudge was also killer. The double sundae was huge enough for a family of 4, but Ken and I nearly took care of it ourselves. Go for the ice cream, not the lobster roll. Although, it’s not really near the coast at all. So if you find yourself in the Jaffery area, in need of a lobster roll fix, this one will hit the spot nicely.

Weighed in at 9.1 oz.

Visited August 2012

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  1. What Jaffrey, NH is known for on the backside of Kimball Farm in the woods is the Silver Ranch Airport for the last 22 years premiere world acclaimed nearby Atlas Pyrovision Productions in sponsorship with the Jaffrey, NH Chamber of Commerce every August would clear out all their unsold and unused commercial fireworks by staging the Festival of Fireworks at the airport. The largest and longest fireworks display in New England. But alas, some idiot sent in a bomb threat and things have been indefinitely canceled.

    Dublin, New Hampshire, HQ for Yankee Magazine is a country mile from Jaffrey and there are winter skiing sites near Jaffrey.

    By the way, Kimball in Westford, MA does corporate live lobster bakes so they might be cooking, shucking and freezing lobster for the rest of Kimball restaurants as needed daily.

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