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Allison’s – Kennebunkport

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Allison's Lobster Roll

This is the lobster roll that faced off against The Clam Shack on Food Wars on, I think, Food Network.  Of course Clam Shack won, not many lobster rolls can face off in a close fight with that one.  But, I did respect that they were willing to go for it and learned a bit about their process on the show.  They use all claw meat, they didn’t say fresh, prepackaged or frozen, so I couldn’t say.  But, it was about time I tried it because how can I say Clam Shack obviously should win if I’ve never tried it.

This is a nice, casual dining restaurant overlooking the town square.  The lobster roll is, as they said on the show, a traditional lobster roll.  The meat is all claw, decent chunks, not too many spongies, but there is too much mayo for my taste.  The meat is not memorably flavorful.  The roll is a standard wonder type, top split bun.  It is somewhat longer than the standard bun, which also throws off the meat:bread ratio, not enough meat for the size.  It is however, near perfectly grilled.  You can even see the buttery crispness in the photo.  I actually wanted to finish the buttery grilled bread more than I cared about the lobster meat.

This one was a pretty standard lobster roll, but since it is nearly across the street from the best lobster roll on earth, Clam Shack and there are a few other very good ones in town, like Old Salt’s Pantry, I can’t see why one would go to Allison’s specifically for the lobster roll, but the rest of the menu might be worth trying out.

Weighed in at 7.5 oz.

Visited July 2012

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