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Linda Bean’s Maine Kitchen and Topside Tavern – Freeport, Maine

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Linda Bean's Lobster Roll

In Delray Beach of all places, I had actually tried this lobster roll before, several times.  I remembered it as being very liberal with the spice additions, but good, particularly for South Florida.  So, needed to try it in the natural habitat right across the street from the L.L. Bean empire in Freeport.  We went to the restaurant, not the lobster roll stand across the street.  It’s actually a rather nice restaurant, not a shack, deck, patio, full menu and bar.  Enjoyed a nice glass of wine overlooking the mobs of outlet shoppers.

The lobster roll is good, but not a standout.  It actually had less spice than the one in Delray.  The spice was the right amount, very background, complementary, not the lead flavor as it is at their Delray location.  I also thought the meat tasted fresher, but I guess that’s a given since this one was in Maine.  The meat was large chunks of claw only, not too many spongies, but more than I care for.  On the website, she claims that her bread is different from other lobster rolls that use grocery store buns (which I have made very clear that I am against), she has them made specially for her with a blend of white and wheat flour.  I wish I could say I could tell the difference, but I couldn’t.  It tasted very similar to all the standard buns, maybe a smidge heartier.   Overall, this lobster roll was pretty average, good, but not memorable.  Although, I very much like the fact that she is taking good, real Maine lobster rolls to other parts of the country.  It’s nice to be able to get an authentic lobster roll in Florida, because I might go into withdrawal if I had to go an entire week without a lobster roll.

Weighed in at 6.2 oz.

Visited July 2012

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