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John Dory Oyster Bar – NYC, New York

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Lobster Roll at John Dory Oyster Bar NYC, New York

First, I must confess that I’m a sucker for dill. That’s a good thing for the John Dory Oyster Bar because they love it too. When I first got this roll, I thought I might have confused it with another from the Lobster Roll Rumble. I remembered it as hot with butter, but this was warm with a pink sauce and clearly visible cubes of celery (ugh). The bread was a fresh baked tasting brioche, top split bun, nicely grilled in butter. The lobster portion was a bit skimpy for the size of the bread, a common miss when you go for a great bread, it takes a lot of meat for the right ratio. When I moved the meat down so that it had my liking of meat:bread ratio in each bite, there was more than half the bread left over. On to the sauce, the nice manager actually went back to check with the chef to be sure for me, but the pink sauce was butter with lobster roe. Very interesting twist, with the dill, celery and I even found red onions, usually each an immediate turn off for me. I felt sure I shouldn’t like this lobster roll, but I found myself kind of enjoying it anyway. Meat was tender, fresh, with confirmed tail meat involved.
The venue is a pretty restaurant inside, but outside, where I chose to park myself for some good people watching on a lovely day, was pretty sparse. They actually had a jungle of plants near the entrance, but not a one on the sidewalk area. This seemed to make for some confusion among passers-by because it wasn’t too clear where the sidewalk ended and the eating area began.

Overall, this lobster roll is not for purists, or bargain seekers. But it was curiously tasty and unlike any other lobster roll. I think people watching is the NYC version of ocean view, and on this count they were great.

Weighed in at 7.1 oz.

Visited July 2012

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