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Coast Guard House Restaurant – Narragansett, Rhode Island

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Lobster Roll Coast Guard House

Coast Guard House Lobster Roll Narragansett, Rhode Island

This is really one of the most unique, beautiful restaurant spots I have visited.  It is right on the ocean, actually kind of perched about the water, amazing views from every table in the restaurant, casual deck, cozy bar, and a banquet venue where I was wishing I could score an invite.  The banquets are actually in a tower like historic structure overlooking the ocean.  I’m not sure how the Coast Guard relates to the history of these buildings, but they are really something to see, particularly if you’re into historic structures. 

The dining room is certainly no shack, it’s white tablecloths and “resort chic” dress.  We actually came here for our “fancy” evening out, but then I saw they had a lobster roll and knew I had to have it.  I actually figured this was probably a mistake because fancy type restaurants often like to go too weird for me on the lobster roll, but I was wrong.  It is really one of the better lobster rolls in the area.  Standardish bread, slightly heartier than the usual, barely grilled, they really could have used more butter grilling here.  The meat and dressing was where this one really shone.  The meat was fresh and tender, pretty sure there was tail, but not certain and it was all coated in a lemony mayonnaise dressing.  Usually anytime restaurants try to get creative with what to put on lobster, it either overwhelms or competes with the lobster.  But, this one was a perfect complement, really added something to the lobster flavor.  There was more of it than I’m usually into, but it was right. 

Definitely try this lobster roll.  This is one spot where the fabulosity of the view and the deliciousness of the roll come close to each other.  You usually get one or the other.  Skip the tuna tartare, so spicy I had to eat a ton of bread to quench the fire, and I like spicy.  On the way out, I noticed that the Coast Guard House has a food truck, wonder if that lobster roll is as good?  We then walked along the water and took in the Newport Independence Day fireworks that you could see across the water, framed by the Newport bridge.   Gorgeous spot!

Weighed in at 5 oz.

Visited July 2012

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