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Cap’N Jack’s – Wakefield, Rhode Island

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Lobster Roll Cap'N Jack's Wakefield, Rhode Island

Hit this spot right after Jim’s Dock, which is a tough act to follow.  But, I still felt like this lobster roll really did disappoint.  The location is on water, kind of an inlet, pretty, I ordered from their take out area.  They have a whole bakery case in the take out and they make all their own pastries.  This seems to be a trend at the RI shore, seafood places focusing on baked goods.  I’m not against this, in fact, I think a great bakery and a great seafood place could be a perfect marraige.  However, I hate to see the seafood suffer at a beach place where the baked goods shine.  Just because it is the beach doesn’t mean you have to serve seafood if that’s not your thing.  Or, maybe it does, what do I know, I just eat the stuff, not run the business.  Their bakery case was filled with tasty looking items, including an adorable lobster cupcake decorated with a red twinkie body for the lobster.  So cute, but my stomach space was feeling very limited so I did skip the baked goods.  The lobster roll was very average.  It was cold meat, all claw, no tail, minimal mayo on a lightly toasted (not butter grilled), wonder-type, split top bun.  The meat actually had a fishy taste to it like it may have been in the fridge a day too long or something.  I really didn’t care for this one.  Nothing about the lobster roll would have me going back, but maybe the lobster cupcake. 

Weighed in at 5.4 oz.

Visited July 2012

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