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Westfair Fish and Chips – Westport, Connecticut

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Lobster Roll Westfair Fish and Chips Westport, Connecticut

I had tried this lobster roll once before, and remembered that it had tail meat, butter, all the right stuff, but I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I should have.  I remembered it being soggy, but figured that might have been due to getting it take out and driving around to try to find a more picturesque spot to eat it.  So, decided I needed to give this spot another chance and a fair shake, by eating it there.  It is a very challenging spot to find if you don’t know where you’re going, it’s kind a strip mall behind a strip mall.  Obviously very popular with locals, always very packed, no matter what time.  The “in the know” way seems to be to call ahead and then pick up your order.  There’s only one guy at the counter taking orders, charging, bagging up, and one guy cooking.  So, if you just walk in, it could really be a while in like before anyone takes your order, then a while longer before you eat.  I don’t mind that so much, there is some minimal indoor and outdoor seating while you wait.  So, after some interesting people watching, got the hot lobster roll.  The soggy thing was apparently not a fluke the last time, the second I picked up this lobster roll, the bottom fell out and most of the meat with it.  I respect places desire to use lots of butter on the lobster roll, because obviously, butter is delicious.  But, there is a fine line with the butter, since you still want it to be a sandwich, not a fork and knife endeavor.  In which case, why not just order a fresh steamed lobster and dip it in butter.  The bread was your standard white split top bun, dry grilled, nothing special.  The lobster meat, while it did have tail, knuckle and claw, seemed fresh, just didn’t taste very good.  One problem it had was that the meat didn’t seem to have been picked very well.  It still had that white gooey stuff that adheres to fresh lobster meat and you’re supposed to pick off.  I think some people refer to it as the blood, but you’re not supposed to eat it and it doesn’t taste good.  I also found a large shard of inner claw shell.  I tried to like this lobster roll, but it just kept disappointing.  I didn’t see much worth returning for…except the onion rings they were truly incredible!  Maybe some of the best I’ve had, fresh cooked, saltylishious, great.  Call ahead and order onion rings.  Judging by the onion rings, if your into fried stuff, that may be worth trying here.  I’m just not into much fried besides onions.

Visited May 2012

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  1. The bread was your standard white split top bun, dry grilled, nothing special. Fish Finder Reviews

  2. I ate at Westfair tonight (5/12/15). Sally, you were right on with your review. This was the worst lobster roll I think I have ever had. Completely soaked roll! Lobster meat was over cooked and rubbery. Overall flavor was too salty and I, too, had a shell! This roll bordered on inedible. Onion rings were good, but not worth returning for.

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