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Oar House – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Lobster Roll Oar House Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Trying to have a drink overlooking the water at 7pm on the Saturday of Memorial Day in Portsmouth, as you can imagine, is quite a challenge.  After trying about 8 places, we finally got a seat at the Oar House Dock.  I think it was due to the fact that their hostess stand is out by the road, you can’t quite tell that there is seating behind the building and most importantly, and probably why I approached is because the hostess stand looks exactly like a hot dog vendor stand that sells Stella beer, complete with the Stella umbrella.  I figured it was a win-win, either I get a beer or a seat by the water with a beer.  So, lucky for me, we immediately got a table right by the water with a gorgeous view and ordered up a sav blanc (on a side note, served in the darn cutest fish plastic wine glasses, almost tried to steal some to use at the pool).  Checking out the menu, they did indeed have a lobster roll.  I was quite stuffed from a day of lobster trailing, but the waitress said it was fresh meat, so I had to try it out.  Yes, this was the lobster roll where my parents thought I had passed into insane territory.  We had, after all, finished the largest lobster roll on the planet, Beach Plum, and finished off a blueberry ice cream sundae not an hour and a half before.  No matter, the quest to sample every lobster roll is not for the weak of stomach.  The venue here is very dock bar kind of vibe where you’re thinking the food serves mainly to soak up the booze, not the destination.  So, I will confess, I was a little worried.  I will say that it was better than I was expecting, but definitely not a destination lobster roll.  The bread was standard wonder style, but toasted, not butter grilled, which made it a dry experience.  The meat was spongie-a-go-go.  I actually took a photo for your viewing pleasure of the mountain of spongies.  On to the good part, which was the meat that was left once I picked out the spongies.  I really believed her that it was fresh and it was amazingly flavorful, not too much mayo, really quite good.  Overall, a great place for a drink on the water, an adequate place for a lobster roll.

Weighed in at 6.5 oz.

Visited May 2012

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