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Young’s Lobster Pound – Belfast, Maine

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Lobster Roll at Young's Lobster Pound Belfast, Maine

Very pleasant experience at Young’s, mainly due to the awfully pleasant man helping.  He gave suggestions, guided me through their somewhat unusual ordering process and even wrapped and packed in ice and box my leftover lobster meat.  I’m not one to generally give a crap about the pleasantness of the service.  If the food is good and arrives in a timely manner, I couldn’t care less that you’re crochetty.  But, this guy was just so darn nice, it was worth mentioning.  Particularly since the woman who sold us lobster meat at Young’s this winter was, let’s just say a solid neutral on the friendliness scale.  On to the roll, all cold claw meat on grilled sesame hamburger bun.  Meat was naked, smear of mayo and slice of iceberg.  They do make some particularly tasty meat here, very tender, briny and very good. There was a large shard of shell found in my sandwich.  I realize it’s an occupational hazard, but I expect better picking from a place this renowned.  Photo is in the sideshow for your viewing pleasure, disgusting, I know, but necessary.   Overall, the lobster roll experience was nothing special.  Which leads me to the part that was special.  You could buy packed half pound cup of fresh picked lobster, tail and claw, Mmmm.  Two tails and three claws to be specific.  I also added a side of drawn butter.  Which leads me to call this place BYOR, bring your own roll.  Half pound of meat was $21 compared to $15ish for roll, and $30 for twin small cooked lobsters.  Best deal, most meat and least work.  Also leads me to wonder why anyone thinks any lobster roll, Red’s included, is a good deal.  FYI, the meat from a one pound lobster is about 3 oz, and that’s as big as any $18 roll ever is.  Fear not, this by no means indicates that I’m off the lobster roll trail, just saying.  Location wise, looked pretty, but went at night.  Ordering is weird, but works.  You place your food order, wait for your number and food to be up, then pay.  They take credit card.  Lobster stew was good, not great.  Overall, I’ll be back, but I think I’ve made clear for what.

Visited September 2011

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