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Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound – Trenton, Maine

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Lobster Roll at Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound Trenton, Maine

Cute little place right off of MDI.  Very festive decor, very friendly staff. Somewhat of a view of a waterway from the picnic tables.   They cook the lobsters in large salt water pots while you wait.  The soft shell lobster was amazing.  The lobster roll was…different.  It was sliced white bread, not Wonder bread, more bakery type, leaf of lettuce with cold, nicely mayoed meat.  A small amount of celery is also involved.  The sandwich was garnished with a cute little pickle tomato thing, very distinctive.  I couldn’t tell if there was tail meat, the meat was pretty chopped up.  It tasted quite good, but fell into the problem most of the sandwich style lobster rolls do.  The bread:meat ratio is just off with this approach.  Unless they add a lot of meat, which I’m not opposed to at all, but if they add the same amount used on the top split bun, you’re getting way too much bread in every bite.  I, of course, move all of the meat over to one half of the sandwich to make for an ideal ratio.  Good, but wouldn’t go for that again.  I will be back for the friendly people serving lobsters boiled in salt water, the only way to go.

Visited September 2011

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