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The Lobster Claw – Bar Harbor, Maine

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Lobster Roll at The Lobster Claw Bar Harbor, Maine

Nice little restaurant right on the main street in Bar Harbor, kind of seems like a pizza place, but it’s not.  The gal at the counter said that the crab roll was way better, in her opinion, than the lobster roll, so we got both.  They give options on the lobster roll, which I always like, naked, butter or mayo.   The butter is served on the side, nice so you can regulate how much goes on and not sog up the bread.  It was not a bad lobster roll, anywhere else it might be good, but it was easily one of my least favorite lobster rolls in the area.  Lots of spongies, all claw, not much flavor and very small pieces of lobster.  The bread was nicely grilled and the meat seemed fresh, it just wasn’t doing it for me.  On the other hand, the crab roll was indeed amazing.  I’ve had a few crab rolls and they have been growing on me.  I grew up in Delaware, so I try not to generally order crab related items outside of the greater Maryland area.  I only recently discovered that what they use in Maine is actually Maine crab and quite different than Maryland, more sweet, shredded, quite good.  So, I’ve been ordering the crab roll more since I found out it is indeed local.  This one is worth going back for.  Follow the employee’s advice and head straight for the crab roll.

Visited September 2011

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