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Belle Isle Seafood – East Boston, Massachusetts

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Lobster Roll at Belle Isle Seafood East Boston, Massachusetts

When I say this place had no view or character, I mean that it was a real dump.  If jail could be a description of a lobster roll place, that would be close.  Near the airport with planes flying overhead, you enter from the back, driving through a huge dust pit that you later park in.  Keep your windows shut so as not to spoil your dining experience, which almost happened to me.  Now, I’m not put off by dumps in the lobster roll trail, but this place had a more urban sketchy look.  Undeterred by the exterior, I went in and ordered.  The inside looks like any other fish market, nothing like the exterior, in a good way.  Very crowded place and after fighting off some guy trying to claim my order, I headed out to try it.  Some lobster rolls can manage to be surprising because they miss all my usual checklist, but somehow manage to by very delish.  This one was the opposite phenomenon.  It looked great, huge roll, giant chunks of tail and claw and no spongies, minimal mayo.  But, it still managed to be completely tasteless.  Just really nothing…and the meat was kind of tough.  Roll bread was the usual and could have been a bit more grilled and they should skip the lettuce shreds.  I really wanted to like this one, but I just didn’t.  Oh well, worth a try.

Visited November 2011

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  1. Lobstergal……The construction for the new Winthrop Bridge has been completed and Belle Isle Seafood has moved across the river to other side of bridge into a newly constructed building, fully paved parking with an outdoor dining patio (great for watching sunsets over Boston City skyline) from 1267 Saratoga St to 1 Main St. for over a year. There are 179 Yelp reviews with an average 4.5 rating out of a possible 5 and 131 photographs of the food plus the Phantom Gourmet gives Belle Isle Seafood a “Great Ate” rating, Chef Anthony Bourdain had to visit and it is a regular hangout for Boston’s top chefs like James Beard Award winning chef/owner Jody Adams of Rialto (which is how I found out about this place). So it will be interesting to read your slanted pristine Martha Steward elitist Connecticut review compared to 182 other people.

  2. I too am taken back by Lobstergal’s comments about Belle Isle during State of MA construction. Belle Isle is one of those unknown places that Boston’s top chefs hang out at for the food and even TV’s “No Reservations” Chef Anthony Bourdain and TV’s Phantom Gourmet had to pay a visit. The new Belle Isle is now open across the bridge and has a paved parking lot, plenty of parking, bright clean indoor dining area and outdoor patio seating plus all State of MA construction is completed. As a die-hard New Englander that moved to Honolulu, HI when I return visit to New England landing in Boston the first place I head for is Belle Isle for lobster and fried clam fix.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. It’s always good to get the back story on what’s going on with a location that you may not know about. I’ll have to check back once they’re through with the construction.

  4. forgotmypword

    Lobstergal … I’m enjoying your reviews, but I feel that calling Belle Isle a “dump” is very unfair. Did you SEE the construction happening outside their front door?!?! It used to be you parked on the street and walked in the front door. Now, there’s barely enough room for two cars to pass by, let alone park without haulting all traffic. They are doing their best to survive a TWO YEAR construction project that eliminated ALL of their parking. That’s what caused the “dust pit” you described to be created. Yes, it’s near the airport, but it’s a decent neighborhood, not ‘skethy’ at all.

    Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, but you could at least mention that the parking is not a permanent situation. Show some compassion for a small business that is making the best of a horrible situation that is totally beyond thier control.

    As of right now it looks like they’ll be moving a couple of hundred yards, across the bridge and will have plenty of parking and be able to add seating but no moving date has been set yet. Perhaps you’ll consider a return visit.

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