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Beal’s Lobster Pier – Southwest Harbor, Maine

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Lobster Roll Beal's Lobster Pier Southwest Harbor, Maine

Lots of people seem to love this spot, even call it best of Acadia.  I just can’t add myself to that list.  Mayo is the main thing I remember from the lobster roll.  It wasn’t just that it had too much, which it did, but somehow, the mayo flavor was just the only thing I could taste.  It had lots of elements of a good lobster roll, fresh, nicely grilled, fresh tail and claw large chunks, but it just tasted like eating mayonaisse.   Had tail and claw, but the meat was chewey.  I don’t mean chewy in the way people refer to rolls with perfectly cooked tail meat, which is naturally a bit chewy texture.  This was tough.  Decent for anywhere else, sub par for this area.  Lousy view.  But they did serve blueberry beer, so that was good.

Visited September 2011

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