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Galyn’s – Bar Harbor, Maine

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Lobster Roll at Galyn's Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor may well be one of my favorite places on earth, especially in the winter when no one is there.  But, the down side of visiting during the off season is that almost all of the restaurants are closed.  So, this year, our March trip got bumped to the first weekend in April and, lucky for us, that meant that a few more places were open, including Galyn’s.  This lovely restaurant is situated right on the main street in town, almost at the water, but far enough back that it has an amazing view of Frenchman’s Bay and lots of tables on the first and second floor with the view.  I used to think that Stewman’s lobster pound had the best view of Frenchman’s Bay, but I now see that was because I hadn’t yet been here.  And, who doesn’t prefer a view that you can take in lots more months of the year in a climate controlled environment.  So, imagine my delight to see that their menu includes, not just a lobster roll, but a hot one, and not just a hot lobster roll, but, in fact, my dream concoction that I have been creating for years with a rogue combo of lobster roll and lobster bisque!  I keep saying there should be three lobster roll options, butter, mayo or bisque, it’s really a delight.    We had some happy hour beverages in their wood panelled bar, then moved to the best table in the place, right by the window on the second floor.  The waiter said the lobster for the roll was cooked in-house, but to be honest, he didn’t seem entirely convinced.  After a tasting, I think he was right, even if he wasn’t sure.  The lobster roll wasn’t exactly a re-creation of my rogue version.  I would say that this lobster roll is really more of a fork and knife endeavor.  There was no chance of weighing it since it was overflowing with bisque and I have to put the scale back in my handbag, not happening.  It was really a ton of rather thick bisque coating smaller chopped up pieces of lobster than I usually like to see on a toasted standard white bun.  It was more of a creamed chipped beef on toast type of experience than the lobster roll sandwich drizzled with bisque that I like to create, but it was a tasty creation.  I really enjoyed it and Ken got the lobster biscuits, which was sort of similar except homeade biscuits and less lobster and sauce, also good, but I would stick to the lobster roll.  I’m just so excited to see someone go for the lobster bisque lobster roll.  Here’s hoping it catches on.  I will absolutely be back here becasue it is a beautiful restaurant, great service, innovative menu, but I might try something different next time.

Visited April 2012

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