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Mac’s Downeast Seafood – Auburn, Maine

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Lobster Roll at Mac's Downeast Seafood Auburn, Maine

Visiting Ken’s nephew, Jordan, at Bates college and he said he heard there was a good lobster roll across the bridge in Auburn, but he had no idea what it was called or anything else about it.  No worries, a quick google search turned up what was my best guess for the good lobster roll place.  So, off we went to Mac’s.  Small little building with lots of lobster decor outside and picnic tables outside, I think I’ve found the spot!  Inside it is a fishmarket/lunch counter/take-out joint.  They, interestingly have two options, the lobster salad roll and the “clearmeat” option.  Woah, I’ve been eating a lot of lobster rolls, how have I never heard of this term?  So intriguing.  According to the counter guy, the salad has claw and knuckle, but “clearmeat” is the fresh picked stuff in the fish counter that involves tail, claw, knuckle and you get to pick butter or mayo.  Eureka!  Fire me up a “clearmeat” with butter!  Still not sure what “clearmeat” means, but seems right up my alley.  I also got to choose if I wanted a hot dog or sub bun, I think the sub was just a bit bigger, allegedly.  What the heck, I have no real love for the white bagged hot dog bun, let’s give the sub roll a whirl.  I saw them measure out 4 oz of the fresh meat.  The final sandwich weighed in at 7.5 oz for whatever that’s worth.  The meat was cold, not cut up, and amazingly tender.  I didn’t even have the bite in to a piece of tail and have the whole piece comes off experience, it is that tender and delicious!  The sub bun was butter grilled on the inside.  The roll wasn’t too big but it did throw off the meat:bread ratio.  It needed more meat or a shorter roll for ideal ratio.  Not sure how the butter worked in to the scenerio since the meat was naked, there was a lot of butter brushed on the inside and all three of us got at least a bite or two with some inexplicable mayo.  I don’t know, I guess in the future, I would ask for a side of butter too.  And, there will be a next time, this was a very tasty roll and I thank them for introducing me to the concept of “clearmeat”.  There was also a Giffords ice cream place next door and it you have never had Giffords ice cream, you are missing out, it may well be the best on earth.  I, myself, enjoyed a half maine blueberry, half bananas foster.  Fantastic meal.

Visited April 2012

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