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Libby’s Market – Brunswick, Maine

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Lobster Roll at Libby's Market Brunswick, Maine

This was the spot where Ken’s nephew had to question where Lobster Gal gets her tips.  What can I say, I don’t remember,  someone somewhere said that it was great, maybe their favorite.  So, it goes on the list and I try it out.  He had a point, this was a particularly unusual venue.  It’s kind of an independently owned 7-11 like establishment, well off the beaten track.  7-11 may be overstating it, this was smaller, more like a gas station convenience store, minus the gas station, hmm, curious.  So, where you would normally order gas, you order a lobster roll.  It took me a minute to figure this out since the only evidence that they sell more than beer and candy bars is a magic marker sign over the register area.  They have three size options, we opt for one medium and one large.  I get mine non toasted because, frankly, I prefer it, weird, I know.  Went to grab some beverages, came back to the register and handed the guy my card.  He said he was going to take Tom, or whatever his name was, the guy behind me so he could get out of here and my sandwich wasn’t ready yet.  Tom proceeds to get checked out and have a five minute conversation with his pal behind the counter.  Normally, as I’ve mentioned before, I couldn’t give a craps less about service and I still don’t.  In fact, the guy couldn’t have been more polite about tossing me to the side and sure, he had a point that I didn’t need to check out right then.  Heck, I’ll even give him that the “locals” are more important to him.  I just thought it was off-putting that he be so obvious about it.   Sort of screamed “Beat it outsider, we cater to locals here”.  So, the actual lobster rolls, which we took outside to eat at the picnic table, were huge for sure, monstrously huge.  The medium weighed in at 10 3/8 oz and the large was 13 3/4 oz.  Ken and I split the large and cut in half it was still larger than most regular size rolls.  My bread was very fresh and Jordan reported that the toasted was up to par and seemed to involve butter.  The meat itself was good, very finely chopped and too much mayo for me.  But, I could see why people like it.  I did find what I thought was a piece of tail, but it was hard to tell with the small pieces.  There were almost no spongies, even chopped and if I had to guess, I would say it was fresh.  There was, curiously a lobster tank in the store.  I felt kind of bad for them since they were piled about 4 deep and didn’t seem to be moving much.  I hope they occasionally put some of them out of their misery.  I would say that this was overall a good deal and a large roll and good, not great.  I feel like the oddness of this place combined with the overchoppedness and overmayo lead me to think I won’t be back here, but I can see why others would.  Particularly if you’re a local 😉

Visited April 2012

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  1. Visited Libby’s on my trip from Rhode Island to Canada. The lobster roll was hands down the best lobster roll I have ever had! Tina was very nice, chatted with us about Libby’s, about the area, and about how she and her husband prepares the lobsters. I’ll be going back next summer for sure!

  2. Where I am from, which is not Maine, the etiquette is first come first served. It sounds to me like Tom had been patiently waiting for his order before yours was being prepared. If you had average powers of observation you would have noted that orders are paid for at the time of receipt. That way you get personalized service with your order and the staff doesn’t need to keep track of who paid and who didn’t. I would tell you Libby’s best kept secret but you wouldn’t appreciate it. Perhaps you should spend more time being human and less time worrying about what you are going to write. By the way, I am local and the Libby’s consider every customer important.

  3. Like I said..Just don’t think you have it in your blood to be the “lobster Gal” food critic.I think this may be a blog for a REAL Mainer…lol OR maybe she loved it, & thought if complained she’d get another! (Kidding) I’d give it another try Lobster gal, & just order it the way you want it.

  4. Oh yes, I forgot to add: served by two of the hardest working, nicest people – Dan and Tina Libby – I’ve ever known!

  5. Your complaint is akin to saying I didn’t enjoy my meal (or in this case lobster roll) because it was raining outside. Your lead-in to the “meat” of the matter puts a dark cloud on what otherwise is – in my not-so-humble opinion (I too have been all over the state in search of the best) – THE best lobster roll in the state.

  6. Small lobster roll.. 9.50 plus tax
    medium 13.50 plus tax
    large 18.50 plus tax
    I know for certain because I work there that the meat is always very fresh..
    Christa… it was a pleasure to see you 😉

  7. Just got back from Brunswick, Maine. I grew up there & went for a visit, now at almost 44. As a kid we got lobsters pulled up right from the ocean on the end of the dock..MY Lobster roll from Libbys was THAT FRESH! They did not toast it, (AS I ASKED) They did put more mayo on it & lettuce, (AS I ASKED) I let people who are ready to check out, or have fewer items at ANY store go ahead of me..Why should THEY wait for MY food to be ready before they buy a loaf of bread & milk? Local or not! If you can’t order for yourself, you can’t complain about how much mayo was in your sandwich! Fact! I may order like meg Ryan, but I know how to order for myself! Maybe you’re not the the REAL “Lobster gal” if you think it was just OK.?? It’s fresh, like freshly caught & bought, (cuz I hear they run out! & go to Harpswell to buy more ) steamed, & picked that morning! what did u think the tank was full of lobsters for for? They could not have been better at ALL customer svc either. I didn’t know they take last orders at 6:45 pm b4 close. So I would not have been able to get one by the time I got there…They took my order on the phone & had it ready for me when I got there, even though the store was closed! I am not a local, didn’t know them. I do now..& so will anyone I know headed to Maine for Lobster! Just admit it, you’re not the real “Lobstahh Gal”…lol

  8. We just returned to New Jersey from Brunswick Maine. After trying different restaurants we decided to try Libby’s We returned there every single day for the remainder of our trip. Our lobster rolls were made fresh to our specifications. And the price was very reasonable. Yes we did wait for a short time. But since their sandwiches were the absolute best it was well worth a few minutes of my time. Libby’s is rated number one for a reason. You will not find better or fresher. I cannot wait to return next year. Libby’s will be our first stop.

  9. for $15 for that size medium roll… with all that meat.. how dare you complain that the guy behind the counter waited on a “LOCAL PERSON” while you waited to have your rolls prepared

  10. IF YOU WANTED LIGHT MAYO… YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED. Usually people are asking them to put in more mayo. I have even heard people ask for melted butter and no mayo. Also, as a “local” I appreciate the fact that I can cash out for my grocery items while you wait for your meal, sorry you must of been having a bad day and did not feel like enough attention was given to you, but I bet your lobster rolls were great.

  11. I live in Colorado and have relatives in Brunswick. I was introduced to the Libby’s lobster roll by my brother and fell in love with it and the kindness of Dan and Tina. Great product and great price. I just ordered a gift certificate to be sent to my brother as an anniversary gift. Dan and Tina are very accommodating. I shall visit them when I visit Brunswick again.
    Art Emerson

  12. if you want light mayo… it can happen….if you want a nicely toasted roll… it can happen.. if you want meat that is cooked and prepared each and every day… it happens… but if you want us to give you huge chunks of meat that get caught in your teeth and is hard to eat…. well that can happen too… you just need to ask for it.

  13. Dan and Tina (the owners) are the nicest people. I have never seen them treat a customer poorly. If your sandwich wasn’t ready then he was right to serve the person behind you. You sound a bit pretentious in your review of the store.

  14. Best Lobster Roll! Freshest Lobster salad anywhere. Sorry to disagree, but just the right amount of mayo. Maybe you had a bad day…

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