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Fishermans Grill – Portland, Maine

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Lobster Roll at Fisherman's Grill Portland, Maine

This place is kind of tough to find, but well worth it.  Food place is a little hole in the wall kind of behind the large fish market.  Placed our order with the super friendly (in a good way) gal at the counter and then proceeded to wait for what seemed like a pretty long time before having the lovely lobster roll delivered.  This was my first attempt with my new scale to do clandestine weigh in, this came in at a hearty 6 1/4 oz.  Full of large chunks of tail and claw lightly mayoed on a bed of shredded lettuce, which I could have done without.  Claim on the menu said the “classic” lobster roll had all the meat from a 1 1/4 lb lobster and that looked about right to me.  They even trimmed off the spongies.  This lobster roll was truly delicious.  It had all the briny, sweet flavor, the standard white roll was grilled to buttery perfection.  The clam chowder was also not to be missed.  The chef seemed to take a great deal of pride in turning out a product that people were wowed by, particularly the lobster roll.  He was asking everyone who ordered it how they liked it, and not in the polite, but I don’t really care, kind of way.  He seemed genuinely disappointed when one guy just said good.  I mean, he didn’t say so, just got the vibe.  So, I asked him my new “source of the lobster” question and he actually said that he cooks each individual lobster to order for each roll!  He did say that if he get super busy, he might throw in a few, as kind of an apology.  Wow, I may have, but it is a rare day in lobster roll world when I encounter a lobster roll with meat so fresh that it wasn’t even cooked before I walked in the door.  Well worth the wait, amazingly fresh and one of the tastiest rolls I’ve had.  Highly reccomend, then head to two fat cats for the best pumpkin whoopie pies on earth, and I don’t say that lightly.  If I had to find a negative here, I’d say it was the scent of the thai place that occasionally wafted over to interfere with the fresh seafood smells.  But, I’m really stretching it with that, this place deserves a visit from any lobster lovers.

Visited April 2012

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  2. I stopped in to Fisherman’s Grill after driving down from Montreal. (Thank Neptune for GPS — took me on a beautiful ride through the White Mountain National Forest, past Mount Washington — cool to see the windiest place — and right to Fisherman’s without missing a beat. The only problem was that I drove past the spot twice without seeing it, and even missed it once while walking. It IS in an obscure corner!)

    The roll was first-rate. The guy who runs it (I think his name is Tom Hinks) is a gem. He made me a deluxe roll with like two (smallish) lobsters worth of meat. I enjoyed popping my lobster roll cherry with him, but was more impressed with his clam chowder. Creamy AND buttery. Best I’ve had. He wasn’t aware of your blog, but now he is.

    I feel sad for the guy. He’s been broken into three times there, and is so sick of the crime that he wants to exit the business. It’s a shame, because he’s a personable dude. I noticed that he’s a Grateful Deadhead, if you’re familiar with that hippie band. Poor dude, all his Dead CDs got stolen. My now ex-wife had literally more than a thousand bootleg CDs of live Dead shows, and many of them are loaded onto my laptop, so I’m gonna burn him a few and send them to the Grill. He’s such a nice fellow that I want to do something nice for him.

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  4. Fisherman’s Grill is a great one! I did happen to have my trusty scale with me on both my trip to Fisherman’s Grill and Clam Shack (just this weekend!) and their weights are closer than you might think. For the lobster rolls I had, Fisherman’s Grill weighed in at 6.3 oz. and Clam Shack weighed in at 5.9 oz., just a little less than a half ounce difference. But taste preference is everything!

  5. On the recommendation from two different people, one being Lobstergal, we tried this place as our second lobster roll place in Maine, the first being The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport. No comparison. The Clam Shack might have had 8oz of lobster on a round, hamburger-like bun. Nothing remarkable, nice setting. Fisherman’s Grill on the otherhand, NO atmosphere, but so much lobster, maybe 16 oz., on the buttered, toasted, split- top roll that we had to eat most of it by fork first. And we were sharing it between two people! It was perfectly cooked and delicious. A small amount of mayo on top to spread if you wished. We also shared a cup of the clam chowder and the crab melt on rye. The chowder was really good, great flavor. The crab melt, a waste of time. We’d go back, get the lobster roll and some melted butter and have a feast!

  6. I’d be more than happy to eat this lobster roll again and try to get a better photo. It definitely wasn’t slimy, perfectly mayoed. Glad you enjoyed it too!!

  7. Peter A Louchheim

    Just returned from Fishermen’s Grill in Portland. The roll was fabulous and the chowdah excellent. I think you need a different photo of the roll as your’s looks way too slimy. I showed your website to the owners who had not seen it before. They were impressed, but also though the photo was off. Great site!

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