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Eagle’s Nest – Brewer, Maine

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Lobster Roll at Eagle's Nest Brewer, Maine

Heard about this place fom my friend Sarah who grew up in Maine.  Her Mom, who still lives there, said it is very popular for the lobster roll.  Roadfood also rated the lobster roll a “drive from anywhere”, so high hopes.  Got to the tiny little building on the wide river on a Monday in April and the lot was packed with what appeared to be local construction guys on their break, good sign.  Restaurant is a cute little no-frills kind of place with about 10 tables and a sign that says to be patient because there is only one cook.  Surprisingly great view of the river from most tables.  Ordered up a lobster roll and lobster stew.  Asked my source question and our waiter said “It’s in a bag, then we let it thaw and mix it with mayo”.  Hmm, enough said…  Why go to Maine to get the same frozen meat that any restaurant in the country can serve?   I must say, my question resolution has really been proving my theory that all claw meat, so far, always means frozen, tail involved means fresh.  The stew was not my thing, it was the milk with butter floating on top version, which many, including Ken, like but I like my lobster broth a little more, integrated.  The all claw/knuckle meat also had a fishy taste like it had been sittng around just a little too long.  The meat on the lobster roll did not have the same problem.  It had excellent, almost fresh flavor and didn’t have the wattery flavor/texture that happens to most frozen meat.  Had I not asked, I could have been convinced that it might be fresh, and very lightly mayoed.  It was actually enough meat that we ordered an extra grilled bun and split the meat for two hearty rolls.  I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to weigh it since it was really overflowing, but split in two, one was 4 oz and the other 4 1/2 oz.  The bun was a standard white, top split, hot dog bun, perfectly buttery grilled.  Overall, it was a good roll for frozen meat.  I would eat it again, but wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

Visited April 2012

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