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Ray’s Seafood – Rye, New Hampshire

Lobster Roll at Ray's Seafood Rye, New Hampshire

We started our winter visit to the New Hampshire coast with a visit to Ray’s.  I must say, as views go, this is really one of the best views with a lobster roll I have seen.  Rays’s sits right across the road from the ocean and has an unobstructed view, even in the winter at the tables upstairs.  This seems to me to be really good planning because I’ve seen places with a great location, but somehow, there is minimal view from the restaurant or it’s all saved for the summer outdoor dining.  In New England, since summer is really only 2-3 months, I really love a place where you can get a great view and a lobster roll the other 10 months of the year.  Anyway, enough about the view, on to the lobster roll.  They proudly proclaim from the sign outside that they catch their own lobsters.  I double checked this with the waitress since sometimes the standards for the steamed lobster doesn’t apply to the lobster roll.  They also give a choice of hot or cold, so I’m super loving this place even before the food arrives.  I, of course, ordered the hot and I would say that it was pretty standard.  There was TCK (tail, claw, knuckle), I love this term ever since I heard it at a fish place and intend to use the heck out of it.  The bread was the usual wonder bread esque split top hot dog, toasted, not grilled.  The flavor of the meat was good, but they use the sautee the meat in butter, hot lobster method.  And, as is the danger on this method, the meat ended up a bit overcooked and it wasn’t saturated enough with butter.  I prefer the butter and meat heated separately, steaming the meat, just enough to heat it up.  For the butter, very hot (sauteed) just makes it too liquefied, if doesn’t stick to the meat.  I like to melt it, then let it sit until it’s melted, but kind of sauce consistency.  Also tried the lobster stew.  It was so hot it burns your tongue, not my thing, it was fine, but kind of like lobster in super hot milk.  I do want to go back here to try the cold roll because their meat was great, I think the sauteeing was just not the right answer.  So, overall, a good roll, amazing view, and I really respect that they catch, cook and serve their own lobsters.

Visited February 2012

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