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Hancock Lobster Company – Topsham, Maine at the Big E

Lobster Roll at Hancock Lobster at The Big E

There are few events on this earth that I look forward to more than the Eastern States Exposition held for two weeks in September in Springfield, MA.  It’s like the state fairs of all New England states combined into one giant extravaganza.  But, more than the state fair aspect, is the Avenue of the States where I spend 90% of the massive amount of time that I spend at the “Big E” during the two weeks.  It is actually a street with largeish buildings built in the 1920’s or 30’s or something that are replicas of each New England state’s capital building.  Each building is like a tourism sampler of the state complete with their best foods, mostly.  When mid September rolls around and the Big E returns, the very first place I head is straight for the Maine building for Hancock Lobster Company’s amazing Lobster Roll.  I’m sure a little part of the appeal for me is that I can only get it for two weeks out of the year, but still, it is a delicious roll by any standard.  The meat is what really makes this roll.  It is tender, full of flavor, and while it is all claw, no tail, they have managed to cook the claws so that even the spongies have that slippery texture that makes them actually taste yummy.  Slippery isn’t quite the right description, but it’s as close as I can think of and suffice it to say that if it makes me like spongies, that’s saying something.  The meat is cold and very lightly mayoed.  The roll is a plain old grocery split, white, hot dog bun, not grilled, which normally I would take points off for.  But, in this case, the taste is so perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Love it.  Apparently, Hancock Lobster Co is a mail order lobster establishment.   I’m too cheap to mail order lobster and haven’t made it up to their Topsham, ME location so I can only vouch for the Big E roll.  But, judging by that I’m sure it’s fantastic.  One day I’ll make the trek to Topsham for a fix.  I should also go into more Big E food, but that’s for many other posts.    Oh yeah, and they are were $9 in 2011 making easily the best lobster roll deal I’ve had.  I would have happily paid $20 for this one.

Visited every September and perfectly consistent

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  2. My New England buddies say you need to visit Sawyer’s Dairy Bar in Guilford, New Hampshire.

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