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Rose Cove Cafe – Ogunquit, Maine

Was rather excited to vi‏sit this place after reading all of the online reviews about how the owner is a horrible lady who yells at everyone.  Were greeted by cute gals serving fudge samples (not so hot fudge, very grainy and sugar crunchy).  They were super friendly and apparently the owner had gone out to the store, darn.  Super cute ambiance, flowers, music, served on pretty plates.  Restaurant, not a shack.  Was excited to try the roll, which they cook fresh every morning.  It was good, light and fluffy.  The lobster part left a lot to be desired.  Way too much mayo, skimpy amount of meat compared to roll size, all claw, no tail that I could see and yucky spongy pieces.  I might be back for the ambiance, but not the lobster roll.

Lobster Roll at Rose Cove Cafe Ogunquit, Maine

Visited July 2010

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