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Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale – Madison, Connecticut

Lobster Roll at Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale Madison, Connecticut

With all the hype I had heard about this place, I wasn’t expecting much, sounded like a tourist trap.  Wow, was I more right than I had imagined.  Ken described this place as between a Mcdonalds and a Friendly’s for fish.  It was so massively crowded and confusing.  It was like a mob gathered in front of the ordering area, no lines and order takers didn’t say anything when they were available, a free for all.  I got plowed into so many times before I even ordered that I was almost ready to run out in a panic, seriously.  But, I had come this far, had to try it.  It was a perfectly standard hot lobster roll.  Had all the elements grilled white hot dog roll, tail and claw hot in butter.  Good, but perfectly unremarkable.  I don’t think I’ll be back.  That’s a lot of craziness for a standard roll.  But, maybe I’ll try it again in the off season, it is open year round.

Visited August 2010

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